Landmark Group initiated a multi-front digital transformation journey to upgrade its supply chain to meet the evolving needs of its regional omnichannel business.

Strategic Investment: Landmark Group has invested over AED1 billion in building the Mega DC facility, a logistics and distribution hub, to strengthen regional supply chain capabilities.

Agile Supply Chain Strategy: Landmark Group has developed an agile supply chain strategy, focusing on future crises and contingencies, and has introduced same-day and next day deliveries in select regions while working on sustainability parameters.

Operational Scale: Landmark Group runs 35 distribution centres, totalling 8 million Sq. ft across the GCC. Over 200 workstations and various applications, including value-added services and a conveyor system, contribute to the operations at the Omega DC facility.

Future Ready Systems: Our supply chain of the future includes working across technologies such as optimisers, simulators, bots, robots, GTM, and RFID to further digitalise our supply chain, while deploying key process improvement frameworks. This coincides with our goal of a supply chain built on end-to-end visibility of data and analytics, hyper-automation of processes with fast decision making, and an elastic infrastructure capacity.