Our approach to Corporate Governance

"It is important to do what is right, not what is easy."  - Renuka Jagtiani, Chairwoman and CEO of the Landmark Group.


"How we do our business, is as important as what we do for our business."  - Micky Jagtiani, Founding Chairman of the Landmark Group.


We believe success requires the highest standards of corporate ethics towards everyone we work with, the communities we serve, and the environment we impact. This is our road to sustainable, profitable growth to create long-term value for our people, business partners, customers and shareholders.

"Creating exceptional value for all lives we touch" is the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. All our efforts steer towards continued delivery of this exceptional promise to our customers through our products and services. We deal with our customers with utmost respect, courtesy and care. When in doubt, remember the customer is always right.

We have an active, capable and diligent management and leadership team that understands its role in implementing rigorous financial discipline, risk metrics and corporate governance. Our ongoing efforts encompass financial stewardship in strategic and daily business decisions to ensure accurate financial reporting and effective controls.

Corporate Information

  Registered Office: Landmark Group

  Landmark Tower,
  Dubai Marina, P.O.Box No 25030
  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  Tel: +971 4 517 4000


Statutory Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers

  Emaar Business Square Building 4,
  Level 8, P O Box 11987
  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  Tel: +971 4 304 3100


Landmark Policies

A.    Landmark Employee Code of Conduct

This is the code of conduct and ethics for every Landmarker to live by. 

Landmark Code of Conduct was introduced to protect and strengthen Landmark's most important attribute — integrity, which is at the heart of business and in everything we do. Code of Conduct applies to every Landmarker, regardless of job function, location, or seniority. Following are some of the key aspects of the Code of Conduct policy:

  • Conflict of interest  All Landmarkers must act in the best interest of the Group. Landmarkeris required to reveal any conflict of interest within or outside the group wherever personal interest interferes with ability to make decisions that benefit the Group.
  • Misrepresentations and fraud  Any fraudulent act, includingmisappropriation of cash, stock orother assets, incorrect financial reporting of facts and figures is not acceptable. 
  • Gifts and concessions  Gifts and concessions from suppliers or vendors can impact independence in taking sound business decisions. Landmarker must always ensure that acceptance of a gift or any concession does not compromise or appear to compromise ability to act in the best interest of the Group. 
  • Raising concerns If a Landmarker is aware of any instances or situations where Code is not being respected or followed then he/ she is encouraged to raise this with his/ her Manager, HR Department, Legal Department, Corporate or Director. Alternatively, Landmarker can also raise concerns relating to fraud, financial misappropriation or other concerns without fear of reprisal to the Whistleblower Committee.

B.    Landmark Policies

Landmark has several policies in place on Accounting, Financial Reporting and Human Resources that document relevant guidelines for different areas of operation, whereby rules are stated through which conformation to norms may also be monitored.