Health Initiatives

Health Initiatives
Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is fast proving to be the one of biggest ailments around the world.

  • Over 300 million people worldwide are living with Diabetes
  • The number of people living with diabetes is predicted to reach 430 million by 2025
  • Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, are some of the reasons, why the incidence of diabetes is extremely high in the Middle East & India

Keeping in mind the seriousness of the issue, Landmark Group adopted Diabetes as part of its CSR initiative. Through the 'Beat Diabetes' initiative, the Group aims create awareness & educate people about the condition.

The initiative was launched in 2009 in the UAE, and has extended into five new countries in 2010, namely Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and India. Walkathons were held across all 6 countries with over 25,000 people participating. The Group also conducted free blood glucose tests for over 30,000 people. In 2011, the campaign will be launched in KSA.

The Group has also partnered with several organizations to spread awareness about Juvenile Diabetes in schools.