Environment Initiatives

Environment Initiatives
Responsibility towards the environment

The Group realizes that the environment is very important and in urgent need of attention. In an effort to do its bit, Landmark Group has adopted various eco-friendly initiatives at its stores and offices, to face the growing challenges to protect the environment in the retail industry.

Some of its notable contributions include:

  • Adoption of eco-friendly recycled paper for stationery requirements
  • Implementation of stringent health and safety measures across all warehouse facilities
  • Use of non-polluting equipments and proper maintenance of assets at the supply chain
  • Effective waste collection drive

Ongoing recycling initiatives

  • The Groups central logistics and re-distribution center has reduced its water and electricity consumption by 5% and took steps to earn the ISO 14001 for the environment
  • The Landmark Group has also embarked on an exercise to measure the carbon footprint of all its 5 facilities at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai