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Candelite is a unique confectionary and savoury concept that offers an extensive range of world class products for all age groups. Products are sourced from over 18 countries to cater to the eclectic choices of the multicultural customers in the region.

With over 2000 products and 65 brands, there is something to delight everyone.

There are 8 distinct sections in the store:

  • Kiddy Delights: Offers a range of lollipops, jellypops, chocopops, pick 'n' mix candies, hard candies, marshmallows, jelly beans, cute shaped cookies and various character candies and chocolates for kids.
  • Funky Treats: Ideal hotspot for teenagers offering rock candies, flavoured mints packed in funky boxes and a wide range of sour treats.
  • Classic Delights: Offers all-time favorites for adults including chocolate bars, truffles, fudges, caramels, flavored candy sticks to 'spice up' hot beverages and ice creams, pick 'n' mix of chocolate coated nuts and fruits and an extensive range of dark chocolates in some unique flavors including chili and pepper.
  • No-Guilt Options: This section offers sugar free, low calorie, all-natural, organic and vegetarian products of highest quality.
  • Snackin' Around: Yummy savory snack items, salted nuts of all types, cocktail mixes, pretzels and biscuits, wafers and cookies.
  • The Gourmet Room: Features high-end brands such as 'Rococo'- artisan chocolates from UK, 'Divan' - gourmet Turkish delights, 'Al Nassma' - the one and only camel milk chocolate from UAE and much more.
  • Gifts Galore: This section has souvenir t- shirts, soft toys, candles and accessories and wide range of gift baskets for every special occasion.
  • Chill-Out Zone: Offers handmade Italian gelato sticks and scoops made with fresh cream in natural fruit sorbet and sugar free options, sumptuous cupcakes, freshly made cotton candy and the original "Slush Puppie".
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