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La Moda Dubai: Splash Fashionism Spring/Summer 2011 show
Press Release
Splash February 20, 2011
Last night proved to be another spectacle that Bong Guerrero and Raza Beig could surely brag about. This seasoned event guru had done (yet again) a fabulous job of unveiling the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of the Dubai's high street brand Splash.

A testament to the event's success were the guests who strutted to Madinat Jumeirah dressed in various stylings of pure and pristine white. It was quite a sight despite what we thought was an overused theme (read: Heavenly White).  Plus, it actually turned out fun as we joined David Tusing, Gulf News Tabloid Deputy Editor, and his team in spotting ultra-fashionable and stylishly creative men who stood out among the crowd, and made the cut to the best dressed section of the paper.

Although the fashion show began late, rounds of cocktails and bubbly made us forget time, and even allowed us to catch up with fellow VIPs. We ran into Michael Cinco who clad in an exquisite Givenchy shirt, toting an Hermes purse, and chatted with him about his latest project he promised to do with La Moda. Then, we met with Ezra Santos who was looking divine as ever. And when the door finally opened, we went straight to the front row and sat with fashion genius Furne One, the stylemonger Butz Fuentes and Warda's Ushi Sato.

Kicking off the show was a short clip that explained the connection about last season's Fashion Revolution and Fashionism this time. The latest concept was taken from the ten commandments of fashion that the lovely people from the brand created. We must say that the rules were intriguing and spot on.

As the models began to ramp on the circular runway, we witnessed an utter improvement, kudos to the stylists and buyers from Splash. There was freshness and an aura of youth sparking from the wearable pieces. The floral and short jumpsuits, the rebirth of plaid, the fun as ever practice colour blocking, the creative play on shoes and bandanas, and even the work wear,  were all interesting. Though white being the main palette of the upcoming season was a dead giveaway given the theme of the event, we still adored the short and long flowing dresses, evoking an image of a breezy Summer night on an enchanted Grecian island.

We must mention too that the menswear was given a good amount of attention. We were fond of the play on styling - from folded hems of trousers to bright work attire, and the many uses of shorts. It was a blast to see that the Dubai runway was opening up to male vanity and metrosexuality.

As usual, the after-party was worth waiting for. The runway was turned into a dance floor, then the DJ went on spinning the turntable. It was a bold move to have models in angels' costume danced atop the white tall boards but guests, including us, loved the vibe it added to the party.

As we have already told you, this event was more of a fabulous social gathering with an amazing bonus, the fashion show. Nonetheless, Splash knows how to throw a good one, from then till now. For the meantime, we'd wait for September, and see for ourselves how would they top this night. Oh, and yes, we'd check out the clothes when they hit the Splash stores.
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