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Head to Candelite to Savour 2,000 Gourmet and Guilt-free Delights
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Candelite 09 August 2011
The next time you are consumed by this hard-to-ignore sweet tooth craving and feel the urge for a quirky treat, head to the all-new Candelite store in the country which stocks over 2,000 delicious products from 19 countries for candy connoisseurs of all ages.
The first-of-its-kind 'sweets and snacks' store in the region developed by the Landmark Group, Candelite's eight enticing sections not only delight you with their colourful visual appeal but also live up to the promise of offering the ultimate gratifying experience to the most die-hard candy lover.

Before you wince at the thought that candies are not for you and are best left alone for their unkind calorie count, know that Candelite's range of all-time favourites, as well as signature knick-knacks, are available in guilt-free versions too! 

Step into a Candelite store and absorb the rich ambience that envelopes you. Highly recommended is a first stop by the 'Kiddy Delights' section for pick 'n' mix candies, lollipops, jelly pops, hard candies, marshmallows, jelly beans, cookies and Disney characters' chocolates. But, if you are to appease the stubborn young teenager at home, move on to 'Funky Treats' and its array of liquid candies, rock candies, flavoured mints and a wide variety of sour treats that will crumble any resolve.

Time to visit your parents or a family celebration? Take a pick from 'Classic Delights' - an eclectic collection for grown-ups with chocolate bars, truffles, fudges, caramels, and flavoured candy sticks to 'spice up' hot beverages and ice creams. You can also select from an irresistible assortment of dark chocolates in unique flavours including chilli and pepper, and pick 'n' mix chocolate coated nuts and fruits. 

For the weight-conscious community, the 'No-Guilt Options' offer a collection of low calorie, sugar free, all-natural, organic and vegetarian products that provide a non-negotiable reason to indulge. And, for those with a preference for savoury treats, turn to the 'Snackin Around' section for its stock of salted nuts, cocktail mixes, pretzels and biscuits, wafers and cookies.

To create a mood for a special someone, trust the supremely elegant 'Gourmet Room' selection. From the finest artisan chocolates and upscale brands such as Rococo and Divan to the UAE's signature camel milk chocolates, the bouquet is sure to weave some precious moments with a loved one.

For stop-by-the-store visitors of all ages, Candelite has souvenir t-shirts, soft toys, candles and gift baskets for every occasion. Alternatively, the 'Chill-out Zone' gives a reason to relish sumptuous cup-cakes, cotton candy, slush and Italian gelato. 

You won't be disappointed by the versatile gelato range which features a line-up of special handmade desserts in a host of flavours. You can choose a stick or scoops of chocolate, vanilla, mango, strawberry, yogurt with strawberry, lemon, rosewater, pistachio, white and dark chocolate gelato. Prepared using natural ingredients, the preservative-free gelatos are available in cream, natural fruit sorbet and sugar free options. 

Candelite's large format stores are located at Mirdif City Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai and Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi. The kiosk format outlet is at Oasis Centre, Dubai and shop-in-shop in Centrepoint in Bur Dubai, Fun City in Bawadi Mall, Al Ain, and at the Sharjah Airport. 

New outlets are scheduled to open in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi and at the Ajman City Centre.
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