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Beautybay launches premium fragrance Korloff in the UAE
Press Release
Beautybay January 18, 2012
Acclaimed Paris perfume line now available across all Beautybay stores

Beautybay the beauty haven from the Landmark group announces the exclusive launch of Korloff Paris fragrances in the UAE in the presence of media and senior management from the Landmark group at The Lawns, Montgomerie Golf Club, Dubai. The classic range for men and women comes with unique packaging and includes 3 fragrances for men and 1 for women. Designed in modern and elegant glass flacons, the new range quintessence of sheer classic-luxe unveils the vision of the conventional Korloff brand.

Korloff Noir 88ml AED 360 EDT is a concentrate of passion, the reference to the black diamond. It aims at strong and passionate men. The composition is oriental, woody and spicy, intended for those who want an exceptional and intense fragrance. The fragrance is available in black opaque bottles

Korloff for Men 88ml AED 360 EDT is a new elegant, sensual fragrance for the Korloff man, a perfume that she will never forget. The fragrance aims at active men who want to appear as casual seducers.

Korloff in White 88ml AED 360 EDT is the favorite of the collection because it exudes a cold, refined and very elegant aura. Although intended for men, this cool aromatic woody composition might also appeal to women. Its packaging is unique and has a black diamond-shaped stopper.

Lady Korloff 88ml EDP AED 370 the latest fragrance crowns the Korloff collection and is the center of attention this year. It aims at the ladies who love a fragrance filled with exotic, floral nuances, subtle fruity juice and mild spices. The fragrance is provocative, deeply sensual, glamorous and luxurious.

A brand that represents pleasure, comfort and style, Korloff perfumes are now exclusively available across all Beautybay stores!
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