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Beautybay launches Anne Moller skincare range across all stores
Beautybay 15 March 2011
A glowing & flawless skin is almost every woman's biggest dream. Beautybay discovers the road map to a beautiful and gorgeous skin as it introduces an enriching assortment of skin care products from Anne Moller. 
Enriched skin is achieved through regular care and a stringent skin care regime, the Basic Skin Care products from Anne Moller augments the skin with daily doses of toners, cleansers and moisturizers that help remove dead skin cells and retain skin elasticity thereby making your skin look soft and supple. Banish those wrinkles and dark spots with the anti ageing product range from Anne Moller that contains intensive treatments with Botox effect. 

Anne Moller's Biocellular cosmetics offer a range of revolutionary treatments that slows down skin ageing at the source. The Biocellular treatment varies for different age groups protect, delay and lessen the deterioration of cell DNA to rejuvenate the skin and prolong its youthful appearance. 

For the Body, the revitalizing Body care products come in convenient size packs, pleasant textures and effective formulas. To protect skin from sun exposure, the sun block treatment from Anne Moller acts as a shield to protect your skin thus preventing pre-mature ageing and skin darkening.

Anne Moller's effective formulas are developed in Switzerland in conjunction with their development team in Spain. This joint effort fosters innovation, quality and the use of high technology which makes Anne Moller one of the leading brands today.
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