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Beautybay introduces a glamorous perfume of oriental spirit and inspiration, perfect for a divinely seductive woman.
Beautybay 16 January 2012
Divina is a new fragrance representing the style of a woman who charms with her femininity, elegance and refinement. Femininity, sensuality, luxury and exclusiveness are the features and lines inspiring the new fragrance from Renato Balestra across Beautybay stores. 

Divina is meant to be worn by a sensual, genuine, spontaneous woman who loves mysterious and intriguing fragrances, generously oriental in spirit, with sophisticated notes of powder and amber. 

The perfumer who created the new fragrance is Francis Deleamont. He grew up surrounded by the art of perfumery and has always loved oriental fragrances; he is a great master at skillfully combining the fluids, intensities and hues of this world. His unconditional love of oriental culture and luxury has given rise to Divina: an elegant fragrance with a strong character that creates a sensation of all-embracing fullness. 

Opulent, fruity head notes - Bergamot, blackcurrant, cloves - blend with a fresh floral heart of jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley and are completed by a sensual soul of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. 

Divina is thus the product of a splendid union of citrusy notes with an aromatic floral bouquet, surrounded by a sensual blend of intriguing sweet, woody sensations. This olfactory family gives life to an oriental amber fragrance of timeless elegance and persistency, offered by Renato Balestra for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Prestigious precious glass, a matt gold lid and relief printing give it a unique bold character. The packaging reveals a great focus on detail: the precious relief decoration, the glossy look, the soft feel and the logo in gold give it a precious, evocative allure. In this new fragrance Renato Balestra offers every woman a touch of mystery and charm. 

In addition to the fragrance, the Divina line includes a Shower Gel and a Body Lotion, also 250ml.

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