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Mojo enlivens 'scent of a woman' from every major city of the world at Beautybay!
Beautybay 15 March 2011
Mojo the perfume connoisseur known for its eclectic mix of fragrances launches a new range of perfumes across all Beautybay stores that reflect the spirit of today's woman, the alluring range called 'Live Now' exudes traits such as passion, entertainment, exotic charm and romance from the four major metropolises - Buenos Aires, New York, Shanghai and Paris!

Striking a perfect balance between sensuality and gallantness, LIVE NOW by Buenos Aires highlights the versatility of the woman of today. A blend of fruity freshness of the raspberry and red currant to the gentle notes of jasmine and lilies of the valley, the perfume is certain to cause some sizzling sensation around the town! 
Capturing the pulsating energy of the city that never sleeps, LIVE NOW by New York is the perfect companion for every woman during all occasions; be it a picnic at Central Park or a simple stroll along Fifth Avenue, this fragrance is sure to entice the strong minded, adventurous lady.

Advocating the flamboyant attitude and a cheerful approach towards life LIVE NOW by Shanghai brings sparkling-freshness that will uplift your spirits and boost your energy levels. An eclectic mix of grapefruit, plum, sandalwood and vanilla forms a dazzling fragrance that symbolizes the wild side of the city and its female denizens. Oozing love and romance, LIVE NOW by Paris adds a touch of glamour and style to their line of perfumes. It reveals fruity-fresh lemon scents along with the finest notes of jasmine and sandalwood. This diva of fragrances is all set to lure the graceful Mademoiselles!

Adorned with a stunning sequined pouch the perfume presents itself in a timelessly elegant way. So decide your favorite destination now and hurry to the nearest Beautybay stores to check out this glamorous range of Mojo perfumes!
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