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Electronics Emergency? Head to ECU exclusively at Emax...
Press Release
Emax April 15, 2011
Emax, the region's leading retailer of consumer electronics, has set up its very own "Electronic Care Unit" for the care of PCs, as well as for the provision of other technical services. 

 The ECU (Electronic Care Unit) consists of a team of trained and knowledgeable staff dedicated to fixing the most fatal 'illnesses' that plague these electronics, using international standard service procedures. The team at ECU is available to serve a combination of Emax and non-Emax customers, and is ready to provide on the spot analysis of problems as well as recommend appropriate treatments. 

Common ailments faced by customers include data loss, slow PC performance, warning messages, operating system crashes and virus infections. The most common illness to reach ECU to date so far is a cracked monitor screen on laptops as well as loss of data. 

 ECU provides customers with sound professional advice to help care for their PC's in the best possible way, ensuring longevity and durability. Upon being admitted into the ECU, the PC will be thoroughly checked and assessed for all possible problems and reasons for the symptoms. A full price list of services is available at the ECU service desk.

 "At Emax we serve so many customers daily and we soon realised that people needed somewhere to go when they have problems with their PCs or they wanted sound advice prior to making a purchasing decision. Our service concept is very simple. There is a price list for total transparency and we have never had to turn a customer away. We are there to solve their problems. One of our most sought after service is the initial set up for customers purchasing a new PC. This service completely prepares the new device for use so that customers enjoy the product without fear" said Mr. Mayank Chotwani, Manager of IT Solutions.

 "We realise that the IT landscape is changing fast and consumers have a hard time keeping abreast of the changes. ECU is developed with this in mind and to ensure customers that they have a friend available to turn to at the time of their need", continued Chhotwani. 

Another innovation from ECU is Media Conversion. With the changes in technology, several consumers are left with content residing on older generation media such as VHS tapes. ECU has the ability to convert these from VHS to DVD format, or from cassette to MP3 format. To test this service, Emax is offering the first 200 people a complimentary conversion for every paid conversion. The ECU service is available at the Emax flagship store in the Oasis Centre.
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