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ECCO Shoe Trend Prediction for Spring Summer 2010
Press Release
Shoe Mart International 2010

A Kingdom of Magic
The Kingdom of Magic trend creates an aura of mystery and extraordinary decadence. Spiritual elements and Oriental influences interweave to create sophisticated and luxurious looks that inspire wonder. Metallic and embossed leathers are juxtaposed with rich, flowing satin, creating combinations that beg to be touched. Smoked Plexiglas and gold shimmer in the light like uncovered treasures. Ribbon and lace, with their flowing, hypnotizing movements, are integral to Kingdom of Magic designs. Oversized, antique accessories are essential to this sensual, boudoir style.

Ecco Graz Ecco Genova Ecco Italy Ecco Windsor

Wide-Open-Space Mood
Freedom and romance are at the heart of the Wide-Open-Space Mood trend. After all, it lets the wearer escape restrictive, tailored fashion conventions and opt instead for relaxed, urban chic style inspired by nomadic nonchalance and ease. Handcrafted details, wrinkled leather with a worn-in look and feel, braids and knotted ties clearly stem from a place where style follows nature. The palette is earthy with plenty of light wood hues. The Wide-Open-Space Mood calls for functional fashion choices that signal a practical, no-nonsense attitude.

Ecco Indore Ecco Indiga Ecco Neo Moc Ecco Key West

A "Farmer" Attitude
Reflecting a dreamy version of a farmer's existence, the "Farmer" Attitude trend draws on prairie and western influences - and then romanticizes them with details that add warmth to the rugged realism of a farmer's life. The trend is characterized by new age naturalness and taps into a thirst for a simpler, more rustic lifestyle. Stitched straw soles and rounded shapes are abundant. Tanned and shiny leathers and faded wood shades work alongside denim, breezy cottons, and patchwork that characterize the most common visions of life out West.

Ecco Napoli Ecco Stripe

The season's ultra-creative Imaginer trend embraces a playful, anything-is-possible attitude. Inspired by a fusion of 50s glamour and 80s new romanticism, Imagineer at once evokes the feminine softness (perfected by Marilyn Monroe) - and Material Girl edge (think angular shoulder pads and a brand-new blend of fashion and geometry). Vitamin-charged colors and energetic, summery shapes and details give Imagineer fashion irresistible, look-at-me appeal. Shiny leather, sporty perforations, graphic and imposing heels, strikingly criss-crossed ties - they all work to create a happy, high-performance vibe.

Ecco Summerzone Ecco Outrider
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