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UK's largest home fragrance brand exclusively launches in Lifestyle
Lifestyle 2009
Nestled in the serene and gorgeous English Lake District, Colony has developed, in the last 25 years, into a home fragrance favourite, with its delicious collection of home fragrance that will give you the perfect choice for your home. A trusted brand which uses only the best quality ingredients in their fragrances, Colony products offer a great value.

Colony product range includes fragrance diffusers, jar candles, refreshner oils, potpourri, tea lights, room sprays and votives in a wonderful array of delicious fragrances including:
Fresh Linen, Cherry Rhubarb, French Lavender, Fresh Orange, Fruit Sorbet, Green Tea, Lavender and Citronella, Lemon Zest, Lily of the Valley, Midnight Iris, Mulberry, Powder Fresh and much more...

We guarantee you will find the perfect scent just for you and your home!

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