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Award winning Styli-Style draws a defining line in the cosmetics arena
Lifestyle 2009
Leading long-wearing and stylish makeup brand Styli - Style has hit the UAE. Designed by famous cosmetics entrepreneur Grant Berry, Styli - Style products are formulated in cosmetic laboratories in Europe and USA, producing couture quality make up range at affordable prices. 

While most cosmetics still adhere to the 20-80 rule, where theoretically 20% of inventory is responsible for 80%, Berry Grant has suggested that this theory isn't realistic in today's market. According to Grant, it isn't because the sales ratio has changed - rather it's because retailers can't justify having a majority of stock keeping units that don't sell. In a less competitive retail landscape, merchants could afford to offer the wide array of colours and brands to prove they "were in the business." Now every item has to sell itself and the focus is on managing inventory and boosting turns. This has translated into a lean and mean Styli-Style product range that is focused on the core and best sellers which meet the needs of both customers and retailers.

The launch of Styli Style across Lifestyle stores in the GCC coincides with the launch of their award winning 24 Hr Power product range, which promises to keep you looking gorgeous longest. The innovative 24 HR Power liners have been clinically tested and proven to last up to 24 hours with a single application. Tried and tested by beauty experts all over the world and the favourites of beauty editors, the 24HR Power liners are a must have in every women cosmetic collection. The line presents the widest collection of liners and brow products in a gorgeous array of colours that you will be spoilt for choice! More information on the range is available in the attached catalogue.
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