Balance Wellness Club

Balance Wellness Club
Integrating wellness holistically into daily living

Balance is a Wellness Club focused on restoring your internal rhythm with lifestyle guidance and therapies drawn from Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science. It makes wellness integral to daily contemporary living rather than just an occasional retreat.

What's available at the Club

  • The spa: With 21 therapy rooms offering specialized areas for Ayurveda, Hydrotherapy, Moroccan Hammam, Thai Massage and Vichy Shower, the Spa creates the skilful balance between ancient techniques of yogic healing, energy work and modern holistic massages. The menu showcases 65 trusted therapies for the body and mind applying techniques from all over the world: Tibet to India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and China.
  • Bodywork: At Balance, Yoga is taught as a way of life through the union of the mind and body. Our Yoga program offers a harmonized approach customized to your individual needs. We guide you through the discovery of your own potential as you embark on your unique journey. Customized Pilates and fitness recommendations and coaching are also an integral part of our Bodywork focus.
  • Balance Café: The cuisine at Balance Café reflects traditional styles of cooking in a contemporary avatar, blending ancient Ayurvedic concepts, Yogic knowhow and macrobiotic foods, with modern-day wellness-oriented nutrition.
  • Boutique: Our Boutique features hand-picked artifacts and accessories from around the world, carefully-selected natural skin and hair care products, organic cotton clothing and accessories, yoga mats, meditation pillows, incenses, unique gift options and more.
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