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Beat Diabetes 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been an integral part of the Landmark Group. With the launch of the 'Beat Diabetes' initiative in 2009, the Group's mission was to help create a fit and healthy society. In 2010, the initiative was extended to five new countries - Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and India. This year, this initiative will further extend to KSA.

Diabetes is often considered a matter of little concern by most people. It's a silent killer that has no cure, but can be managed by making lifestyle changes. Landmark Group's mission is to create awareness through the Beat Diabetes walkathon and encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This initiative is very close to our hearts and we've put our full force behind it.

Building on the success achieved since 2009, this year the Beat Diabetes campaign will begin with a walkathon in each of the participating countries in November 2011, starting with UAE and Qatar on November 18, followed by Kuwait on November 19, India (Bangalore) on November 20, KSA (Riyadh) on November 24 and Oman on November 25.

Beat Diabetes_Landmark Group.jpg

Legendary cricketer Wasim Akram, who flagged off the 3.1 km walk last year in the UAE, has once again extended his solidarity and will participate in the 2011 edition of the event and lead the walk at Oasis Centre, Dubai. Open to all age groups, participation in the walkathon is free and all walkers are given complimentary t-shirts and caps. Blood Glucose tests are administered free of cost and awareness pamphlets will be distributed to educate everyone about diabetes.

Awareness is the first step in the battle against this condition. We urge you to save the date and be part of the movement we call 'Beat Diabetes'.

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Landmark celebrates its 1000th outlet

landmark1000stores_final.jpgI still remember the time when we just had one Babyshop outlet in Bahrain. Today, as we celebrate the opening of 1000 outlets, I am filled with utmost pride and optimism to surpass many more milestones in the future.

Our phased expansions into different countries have kept the momentum of the organization growing. Today, the Landmark Group has a thriving, extensive network of outlets that boasts rising numbers of footfalls every year.

As part of our growth strategy we've been investing heavily in structured diversifications into sectors including health, food, clothing and malls - all of which are performing extremely well.

Reach out, give back

With the Landmark Group's reach extending across 15 countries, we have been lucky enough to give back to society through charitable projects like the 'Beat Diabetes' campaign and other environmental conservation, community building and empowerment campaigns.

The common thread that binds together all our diverse brands is the Group's mission to deliver great quality products at exceptional value for money. Our concepts across retail and hospitality segments compliment each other nicely catering to people from diverse backgrounds.

Listen, adapt, deliver

The cornerstone of our philosophy is to listen, adapt and deliver exceptional value. What sets us apart is a strong and dynamic culture of working towards this common goal which is understood and enthusiastically shared by the entire workforce of over 35,000 employees. This is truly an encouraging sign for the future of this company.

I would like to take this occasion to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers, the wonderful people who work here and everyone else involved in creating the empire that is the Landmark Group.

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Child Safety First

Child Safety First with Babyshop.JPG
Anyone who's a parent - or about to become one - would agree that their child's safety is of supreme and unquestionable importance. And yet infant mortality due to traffic or household accidents in the UAE is three times the global average - even though it could be managed to a great extent with some simple precautions and a bit of knowledge.

We want the best for our children at Babyshop. To help spread awareness about child safety, we launched our seventh annual 'Child Safety First' campaign last month, an initiative which continues to be endorsed by the Road Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. We've been fortunate to share knowledge with parents, teachers and children themselves about how to create safer environments for kids at home, in the car and outdoors.

We kicked off the initiative with educational road shows across schools in the UAE, as well as with workshops at schools including the Rashid School for Boys and Latifa School for Girls in Dubai, and the Government School in Nad Al Hammar.

Many of our own employees who have toddlers, children or teens at home have learned a great deal through this campaign - which helps them be more informed guides to our customers looking for products designed with a child's safety in mind. Here at Babyshop, we're happy to be doing our part to help make every child's day a little safer.

What do you do to make your child's environment more secure? Share your tips with us here!

Beat Diabetes. Get Active.

Football-League-Poster.jpgWhen it comes to health, every child deserves to be a winner. That's why, as part of the Landmark Group's ongoing commitment towards diabetes awareness, we've tied up with the Princess Haya Initiative for the Development of Health, Physical Fitness and School Sports (which works closely with the Knowledge and Human Development Association (KHDA) of Dubai) to sponsor the Dubai School Football League.

Over 32 boys' schools and 16 girls' schools (including a mix of Arabic and international schools) are part of a football tournament being held this month. Football - a sport popular across the world with people of all ages - is the perfect opportunity for us to spread awareness about diabetes among children, parents and faculty through our initiative "Beat Diabetes. Get Active."

Along with our medical partner Zulekha Hospitals we'll conduct health checks, discussions & talks in participating schools. The Channel 4 Network (89.1 FM & Al Rabia) are promoting the event on-air. Renuka Jagtiani (Vice Chairperson, Landmark Group), who spearheads our Beat Diabetes initiatives, says: "Over the past few years, we've all become far more aware of the serious health risk that childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes pose. Through our Beat Diabetes campaign, we proactively seek opportunities to support credible public health initiatives. We respect the efforts made by the Princess Haya Initiative for School Sports and are proud to partner with them for the Dubai School Football League."

In addition, the Dubai School Football League also has outreach planned for an additional 75 schools in the UAE. This includes the distribution of informative bilingual Beat Diabetes brochures amongst all schools that fall under the KHDA umbrella.

To Get Active, check out more about the Dubai Schools League. Make your child a champion in health!

What other sports would you suggest to Get Active?

Introducing our official blog

Welcome to our official blog! With staff tips & trends, business ideas, sneak peeks into the lives of our CEOs and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives all part of the mix, we hope our blog brings you something informative, useful and engaging each week.

One of the exciting things that happened this November - which is World Diabetes Month - was our second Beat Diabetes campaign, an initiative that's close to my heart. I don't know a single person whose life hasn't been touched somehow by diabetes, and I'm heartened to report that we were able to help spread awareness about the condition in six countries.

Read on to know more about the campaign - and we look forward to bringing you more good news from all of us here at the Landmark Group.

Renuka Jagtiani
(Vice Chairperson, Landmark Group)

The Landmark Group's "Beat Diabetes" Campaign 2010
beat-diabetes.jpgThe numbers tell a grim story: one of every five individuals is living with diabetes, and fifty per cent of those living with Type 2 diabetes aren't aware of their condition because the symptoms are fuzzy. Our Beat Diabetes campaign, initiated last year, aims to educate and inform people about the prevention, control and management of this condition.

beat-diabetes-presscon.jpgWe felt that a walk was the best way to start this initiative - even if you don't exchange words, there's an unspoken bond as you walk, in step together, for a common cause. Our first Beat Diabetes walkathon in the UAE last November saw over 5,000 residents walk the streets of Dubai to show their support.

This November, we extended the campaign to five new countries - Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and India - in addition to the UAE. Over 25,000 people participated, and more than 30,000 took advantage of the free blood sugar tests to screen for the condition. One of the most vocal advocates for Diabetes Awareness, Wasim Akram- legendary cricketer and himself a Type 1 diabetic - endorsed the campaign and joined us for the walk. International celebrities and government officials also pledged their support.

We plan to continue generating awareness throughout the year with radio talk shows, blood sugar drives and more, and hope to extend our reach to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon next year. After all, it's always nice to beat - and help others beat - the odds.

Do you have ideas on how to spread diabetes awareness? Please share them with us.