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Beat Diabetes: Wellness Weekend


November 14, World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year to mark the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, was the first to conceive the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922.

To celebrate this special occasion, the Beat Diabetes Initiative is organizing a fun Wellness Weekend at the Oasis Centre in Dubai. The weekend will be filled with tons of fun activities for you and your loved ones. All you Selfie lovers can take a fun picture at the special Beat Diabetes photo booth. The initiative is also conducting fitness demos and a delicious yet healthy cook off amongst UAE food bloggers. You can also get a free blood glucose check at the venue.

Loads and more to do this Weekend at Oasis Centre, Dubai. Come and join the Beat Diabetes Initiative this weekend. Show your support to spread awareness about Diabetes.

Beat Diabetes Initiative Partners with Al Jalila Foundation

Landmark Group's Beat Diabetes Initiative has been actively spreading awareness about Diabetes across seven countries since 2009. The initiative has come a long way from its inception, and last year had an overwhelming response from 60,000 participants in the annual walks across GCC and India.

Lack of awareness about the condition is one of the major roadblocks to detecting and managing the Diabetes. This November on Diabetes Awareness Month, in addition to raising awareness about the condition, the Beat Diabetes initiative will make a positive difference to the community by partnering with the Al Jalila Foundation.

A global, not-for-profit organisation, Al Jalila Foundation was established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to support medical education, research and treatment in the UAE.

As part of the partnership with Al Jalila Foundation, Landmark Group's Beat Diabetes Initiative will launch a fund-raising drive during the month of November 2014. Customers who shop at any of Landmark Group's more than 500 retail and hospitality outlets in the UAE will have the option of donating to the cause by adding AED5 or multiples of five to their total shopping bills.

In addition, a registration fee of AED20 per adult and AED10 per head for children between eight and 15 years will also be charged when participants register for the sixth annual Beat Diabetes walkathon in the UAE. The proceeds collected through the fundraising drive and through the registration fee will be donated to Al Jalila Foundation to support diabetes research and healthcare in the UAE.

Show us your support this month, visit our stores and also join us at the UAE Beat Diabetes Walk on December 12th, 2014 at Zabeel Park in Dubai. Registrations are open on All participants who register before 6 December will receive the walk kit comprising a Beat Diabetes T-shirt, cap and walk sticker, via courier.

Healthy Iftar Cookbook

The Holy month of Ramadan is an important period for all of us living in the Middle East. Fasting during Ramadan helps us practice self-control; it is a time of physical cleansing and spiritual healing. But time and again, many of us end up over indulging while opening our fast.

Most health problems are merely a result of inappropriate diet and lack of sleep. The inclusion of healthy alternatives during Iftar meals can increase energy and pave the way to good health.

Through the Beat Diabetes initiative, a public awareness campaign by the Landmark Group, we are trying to emphasize the need for a healthy diet through our 'Eat Healthy' banner. While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed through the right care, a healthy diet being one of them.

"We are what we eat" and eating right is the key focus of our initiative.

Our Ramadan Cookbook on Facebook is a blend of 50 easy, delicious traditional and international Iftar recipes that will help you make a healthy shift for you and your loved ones. The recipes in this Cookbook are simple and flavorsome, involve your friends and family to make this a worthwhile cooking experience.

Let's make Health and Spirituality come together this Ramadan.

To cook these mouthwatering yet nutritious Iftar dishes, Click and download the Healthy Iftar Cookbook.

Landmark Group raises over AED 710,000 to beat juvenile diabetes

LFC_logo_IDF.jpgIn keeping with our commitment to spreading diabetes awareness, in May of this year we launched a month-long fundraising initiative in support of the International Diabetes Federation's "Life for a Child" (LFAC) programme, in the UAE. We're pleased to announce that, with all your support and the hard work of Landmark Group's retail staff, we managed to raise over AED 710,000 - far surpassing our goal of AED 500,000.

Landmark Group's outlets across the UAE invited customers to donate as little as AED 5. This small amount can help support the entire spectrum of diabetes management for an underprivileged child for a day, including medication, tests and diabetes education.

Road 29.jpgAlthough each brand and store had a considerable impact on the success of the campaign, the Centrepoint store in Bawadi, and the Babyshop store in Korfakkan, stood out as the top performing outlets. Centrepoint Bawadi raised the most funds, while Babyshop Korfakkan had the highest customer-to-donation conversion rate.

Congratulations and sincere thanks are in order as we continue in solidarity to do our part for an issue that's close to our hearts.

Joining hearts to help beat juvenile diabetes

At Landmark Group, we are serious about our commitment to the wellbeing of our community. Our socially responsible activities include raising diabetes awareness, an issue that's especially close to our hearts.

This month, we've launched a nationwide initiative to raise AED 500,000 in support of the International Diabetes Federation's (IDF) Life for a Child programme to beat juvenile diabetes. The fund-raising drive runs across our 332 retail and hospitality outlets in the UAE during May 2012 and complements Beat Diabetes, our ongoing campaign to raise diabetes awareness.

LFAC Poster - English.jpg

The Life for a Child programme supports diabetes centres in developing countries by providing essential clinical care, medical supplies and education for children with diabetes. The IDF Diabetes Atlas states that the incidence of Type 1 diabetes among children is increasing at an estimated average of 3% per year across the globe, and currently nearly 65,000 children in the MENA region alone are affected by this condition - a substantially higher percentage than the global average. That's a sobering statistic indeed, and one that calls for serious action.

As part of our participation in the programme, we are encouraging customers to donate AED 5, or multiples thereof, when shopping at any of our retail outlets in the UAE. To maintain optimal transparency, a specialised barcode system will record the amount donated by every shopper as well as the amount collected every day.

Customers can include their contributions in their bills at Landmark brands including Centrepoint, Babyshop, Shoe Mart, Splash, Lifestyle, Iconic, Emax, Home Centre, Q Home Décor, Candelite, Max, Shoexpress, New Look, Koton, Reiss, Lipsy, Steve Madden, Foot Solutions, Pablosky, Kurt Geiger, Ecco, Fabi, Mango Tree, Max Restaurant, Balance Wellbeing, Zafran, Fun City and others.

Our goal is to raise AED 500,000 by the end of May 2012 - a tall order, but not an impossible one with your support. Will you join hearts with us to help beat juvenile diabetes?

Every child has the right to have fun


Having fun is every child's right. At Fun City, we've teamed up with Volunteer in Dubai - along with the support of the Senses Centre - to launch an initiative that aspires to brighten the day of children with special needs.

The "Fun Day Sunday" initiative, held on the first Sunday of every month at Fun City in the Oasis Centre, the Arabian Centre and Lamcy Plaza in Dubai and Marina Mall and Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi, invites children with special needs to spend the whole day letting loose and enjoying themselves. Our hearts warm to see the kids having fun with a host of activities including soft play, a drop tower and interactive games, plus puppet shows, singing, dancing and art contests to make sure there's never a dull moment. Even our staff has a ball playing with the children and serving them refreshments and gifts.

Volunteer in Dubai was founded in 2008 with the purpose of bringing together any charity, organization or cause with residents that are eager to volunteer their time and give back to the community. Charities and non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to keep overheads at a minimum, thus ensuring that every penny possible goes to those who need it most.


As a business entity, the Landmark Group is firmly committed to the wellbeing of our community, society and environment, and we strive to play an active role in making positive changes around us. Through the Fun Day Sunday initiative, we've had the honour of doing our small bit in bringing about something money can't buy: the smile of a child.

May every day be a fun day!

Do you have ideas on how to brighten up a child's day? Share them with us here...

Walking to Beat Diabetes

The Landmark Group's annual Beat Diabetes Walkathons have come a long way, from 5,000 people in UAE in 2009 to over 35,000 people walking together in 2011 across different countries. This steady increase in the number of participants is a testament to the huge success of the event.


This year, the walkathons kicked off with the UAE and Qatar walks on Nov 18, followed by Kuwait on Nov 19, India (Bangalore) on Nov 20, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) on Nov 23 and Oman on Nov 25, 2011. Dressed in blue t-shirts, caps and wristbands, the supporters walked together with a unified mission to spread awareness. It was indeed a sea of blue!

Over 40,000 people benefited from the free blood glucose testing organised during the walk in different participating countries. Free testing was also organised across various Landmark Group outlets during the month of November, World Diabetes month.

Supported by local government authorities, health authorities and medical partners & suppliers such as Johnson & Johnson, the walkathons witnessed the participation of enthusiastic citizens eager to spread the word on the importance of 'taking the test', and stressing the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Celebrities such as Wasim Akram, former international player and international spokesperson for diabetes - and other stars from the television and film fraternities also participated in the various walks.

BD-Pic 1.jpg

Each year the initiative has grown in reach. The Landmark Group will continue to extend the campaign across countries to generate greater awareness about this condition which has no cure, but can be managed with diet and exercise.

Let's all pledge to Beat Diabetes and live a healthier life!

What are you doing to Beat Diabetes? Share it with us here...

7 ways to Beat Diabetes

We all know that exercise is a great way to lose weight and get fit. But for a diabetic, regular exercise can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lower blood sugar levels, too.
Diabetics should be careful when exercising - even a small medical problem can hamper your ability to exercise safely. So remember to consult your doctor and a fitness expert before starting any kind of exercise program. Make sure you don't have any symptoms of cardiovascular problems or evidence of retinopathy, neuropathy, or nephropathy. And follow these seven tips to help you Beat Diabetes!

1. Monitor your blood sugar levels. Exercise lowers blood sugar. If you're diabetic, keep a regular check on your blood sugar levels before and after you exercise - hypoglycemia can occur during exercise or up to 12 hours after. Ideally, you shouldn't cross 250 mg/dl; if your levels are lower than 100 mg/dl, make sure you eat a workout snack before you start. If you feel faint, dizzy, weak or confused, stop exercising right away and drink some orange juice or other source of quickly digested sugar.

2. Join a gym. Or take a walk.
It's a good idea to start in a gym if you can, as the personal trainers there help you understand your body and make exercise a part of your life. But if you can't, just start walking. And yes, it's free. Wear a pedometer and add 10,000 extra steps each day.


3. Thirty a day. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Start by doing 5-10 minutes a day and add five or ten minutes each week until you reach 30. It's better to build your stamina slowly than burn out after a single, tiring session. Also, allow five minutes to warm up before and another five to cool down after your workout session. This allows your heart rate to return to normal when you're done.

4. Take a friend, make a friend. I don't like to walk alone. If you can't find a workout buddy, make music your partner and stop procrastinating. Regular exercise is a lot easier if you do something you really enjoy - for instance, take up dance if you like it. That way, you get your exercise, have fun and make new friends all at once.

5. Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated can raise blood sugar levels. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, and always make sure to drink enough liquid before, during and after your workout. If you use insulin, make sure that you inject into your abdomen, not your leg or arm muscles when you exercise.

6. Watch your feet. Most forms of exercise - except swimming - can affect your feet. Keep an eye out for sores or blisters when you work out. Make sure your workout shoes fit well and are comfortable. Wear soft, absorbent socks. If your feet suffer from poor blood circulation, opt for exercises like swimming, yoga or Tai Chi, as they don't pressure them.

7. Get involved! Connect with your local community for support and advice. And learn more about all the things we're doing to Beat Diabetes.

Has exercise positively affected your diabetes? Share your story with us here...

Beat Diabetes 2011: Come walk with us

As we inch closer and gear up for the Beat Diabetes 2011 walkathons, I am filled with a sense of pride at the success of this initiative across all the countries.

Walk_BD.jpgFrom the launch of the initiative in November 2009 in the UAE, we have today spread the campaign across 7 countries, reaching out to millions of people in the process. We have also partnered with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) earlier in the year, making the Landmark Group, one of the first corporate retail supporter partner to the IDF.

The support of our customers has been integral to the success of the campaign and I look forward to this continued support in the coming years as well.Micky Jagtiani, Chairman, The Landmark Group

As the first Walkathon of 2011 flags off on Friday, November 18 in the UAE followed by others across different participating countries, I am extremely optimistic that many more people will join our hands to spread awareness about diabetes.

Registrations are ongoing and I hope all of you have registered yourself and your families for the walk. If not, you can still register at your nearest participating outlet and pledge your support for the cause.

As someone living with type 2 diabetes, this campaign is very close to my heart and I want to thank each one of you for joining hands in spreading awareness.

- Micky Jagtiani

Are you ready to Beat Diabetes?

We certainly are! The Beat Diabetes initiative - launched by the Landmark Group in 2009 - is all set in its third year to continue raising greater awareness about diabetes. Preparations are in full swing as we leave no stone unturned in the battle against this condition; we're sure that the 2011 edition of the Walkathon will generate even more awareness than before and inspire many more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.BeatDiabetes Blog.JPG

Wasim Akram, cricketing legend and international spokesperson for diabetes, will champion fans to support this cause when he joins the first Walkathon in the UAE on Friday, November 18, 2011 at the Oasis Centre, Dubai. Other Walkathons in participating countries will follow, so we encourage you to participate in a Walkathon near you.

There's already a lot of buzz about this initiative in the media: print ads, radio talk shows and heavy social network traction. We've gotten an overwhelming amount of support on our Beat Diabetes Facebook page with more than 9,000 'Likes' in just a week from its launch. The page offers tips and helpful information about diabetes and its management.

Registrations for the Walkathon have begun in all participating countries, and are rapidly gathering momentum. If you haven't yet registered yourself or your family for the event, rush to any of the outlets below today and sign up. It's free, fun and for a good cause!

Oasis Centre, Centrepoint, Home Centre, Max, Fitness First


Centrepoint (Asmakh Mall), Plaza Mall, Barwa Village


Centrepoint, Max, Home Centre, New Look

India (Bangalore)
Lifestyle (Adarsh Opus, Oasis Centre, Mantri Square)
Spar (Mantri Square, Bannerghatta Road)
Bossini (Indra Nagar, Church Street)
Splash (MG Road)
Fitness First (Eva Mall)
Polynation & Gloria Jean's Coffee (Oasis Centre)
Max (Commercial Street, CMH Road, Oasis Centre, Jayanagar, 100ft Road, 100ft
Ring Road Banashankari, Royal Meenakshi Mall,Phoenix Market)


Ruwi, Al Khuwair, Muscat City Centre

As we observe World Diabetes Day on November 14, let's collectively pledge to do our bit to spread awareness about diabetes amongst our family and friends. Remember, awareness is the first step in the battle against diabetes.

What are you doing to help Beat Diabetes? Share it with us here...