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Max Burgers: The Sweet Taste of Success

Max is on the move! Max's burgers, a long-time favorite in Sweden and Scandinavia, has partnered with the Landmark Group to launch new ventures in the UAE. We have already opened outlets in Jumeirah 3, on Jumeirah Beach Road, in Mirdif City Centre and in Oasis Centre. Plans are unfolding for dozens of Max openings throughout the region. The 100% family-owned Max brand, voted "Sweden's Tastiest Burger" for 10 years in a row, is now poised for immediate success in the rapidly expanding GCC market.

Max-Burger (1).pngAt Max's we aim to build upon the 45-year tradition that we have established with our commitment to tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly food service. Founder Curt Bergfors, along with Britta Andersson, opened a single food kiosk in the north of Sweden in 1968. Their great tasting burgers were a hit and the business quickly outgrew the little kiosk. Our growth meant we were soon taking on, and winning against, industry giants such as McDonald's. The 2003 addition of our Delifresh menu, with it's combination of flavorful health-conscious ingredients, ushered in a new chapter of the Max story.

With our Max heritage we literally bring a lot to the table. When customers spot our famous blue-and-white d├ęcor they know it signifies something special. Patrons can rely on Max to quickly provide the best-tasting, high-quality and freshly-prepared foods in a clean and wholesome manner. Our partnership with the Landmark Group means we have joined hands with a company whose solid regional foundation and remarkable marketing savvy will allow us to compete with global heritage burger brands in the exciting new Gulf arena.

Max-burger.pngMax is innovative and creative. Throughout our entire brand we zealously pursue our mission to provide the best food in a globally responsible fashion. From our industry-first carbon-dated menu labeling to our enviable 100% carbon-emission offset (achieved with our African tree-planting project), along with our award-winning programs to provide employment to persons with disabilities, we are in the vanguard of conscientious business practice. For all the new customers that the Landmark Group will introduce to us we have prepared an enticing array of menu specialties, starting with our signature Max burgers and including wonderful fresh dips and our superb side dishes that include such healthy items as salads, apple wedges and carrots.

At Max we are confidant that working with the Landmark group will lead to prosperity for all concerned and that we will be able to show the world what it means to have a real Max experience.

Cakes and Candy

Based on a dream, Candy Cakes was created in 2006 to bring something special and innovative to the cafe and cake world.

Spotting a gap in the market, the founders successfully merged the concept of a cake shop with the appearance of a sweet shop. With the clever addition of some irresistible coffee, the storybook cafe retreat was born.

candy-cakes.jpg Fast-forward to today and the company's signature range of colourful, sweet-topped cakes is in high demand. People of all ages just love them, for weddings, social gatherings and everything from eighth, eighteenth or even eightieth birthday parties.

Candy Cakes confections make the sweetest treats for family and friends to share. Complete with eye-popping coloured icing and elaborate edible toppers, these mouth-watering novelty cakes will make a special occasion even sweeter.

The creative team lovingly craft the delicious colourful treats, for all ages to enjoy. Whether you're throwing a party for a budding princess or a pirate in training, a custom-designed birthday cake will add something extra-special to a big day.

The concept is simple: fun, playful, bright products within cafes that reflect Candy Cakes' Pop Art style and sweet shop vision. This unique brand sells fresh coffee, delicious cakes and cool shakes.

Valentine's day saved by Foodmark experts


Does the mere mention of Valentine's Day strike terror into your very soul, leaving you hot under the collar at the prospect of getting things right on the big night: the flowers, the chocolates, the perfect restaurant? We asked three top Foodmark chefs to share their expert tips to help make this Feb. 14th a night to remember - for all the right reasons.

Andrew Kloss, Chef, Wild Ginger)

It's important that a romantic evening is fun for both of you, so try to keep things simple by preparing the food the day before - just pop it in the oven to make the big night a stress-free affair. Whether you're cooking as a couple or presenting a meal to your partner, a low-key supper is always a safer bet than an elaborate multi-course meal that leaves you feeling stressed.

Things are unlikely to go to plan if you don't have a plan, so be sure to do your homework. Prepare something that you both enjoy eating and that can be shared. A favourite of mine is steamed fish, served whole, that's big enough for two. The heady aromas of the marinaded fish, once cooked, are certain to impress your dinner guest.

Paul Kennedy, Chef, Mango Tree


Valentine's Day shouldn't be all about red roses and lovey-dovey expressions of undying love. If you want to discover the true path to your partner's heart, put some love into your cooking - it's the secret ingredient to any romantic meal.

Ensure the food is simple to prepare and full of flavour. Quality ingredients may cost a little more but, if you're really out to impress, they're worth the expense. Romantic favourites include: oysters, prawns, lobster, crab, fillet steak, corn-fed chicken and rack of lamb. Special occasions like this are a good opportunity to be adventurous and try recipes you wouldn't normally prepare; your efforts definitely won't go unnoticed.

Of course, an easier way to attract your partner's attention is through the universal language of chocolate. Try dipping strawberries in it, making a fondant out of it, or a delicious mousse - if in doubt, cover it in chocolate. Whatever your decision, try to spend the evening with your partner rather than in the kitchen.

Ankur Chakravarthy, Chef, Zafran

If you're looking to add a little spice to a romantic meal for two, Indian cuisine is the perfect way to woo the one you love. There are so many spices to choose from, each offering a different taste sensation - many Indian spices also have medicinal properties.

Great food requires only the freshest available ingredients. Choose wisely and always use the best quality, which will be reflected in the finished meal. Nothing says "I love you" like seafood: consider using caviar, oysters or fresh lobster. It's a good idea to light a scented candle throughout the cooking process to avoid those lingering sea smells through dinner. Other romantic flavours include saffron, quail, asparagus and fresh berries.

Whatever you decide to cook, it's best to keep it simple. Concentrate on basic flavours and good presentation. Put some passion into your cooking - it'll show once the food reaches the plate. Another good idea is to serve your intimate meal on bigger plates that are made for sharing - in Indian culture, we believe that sharing food increases love and affection.

We hope these hints help to make your Valentine's Day meal a resounding success. If you have any Valentine's tips or advice, feel free to share these with our readers. Happy cooking!

Introducing Candelite!: a sweet new concept by the Landmark Group

Store Full length Shot_FB.jpgWe're proud to introduce the latest feather in the Landmark Group cap: Candelite!, a sweet new concept offering world-class confectionery and savoury snacks.

Candelite! caters to an eclectic, multicultural customer base that spans all age groups. With over 2000 products and 100 brands (including several international brands we stock exclusively), there's something to delight everyone. Our spacious, colourful stores are a visual treat for children and adults alike: we've noticed a distinct slowing of pace and turning of head by nearly everyone who walks past a Candelite! store.

To create an intuitive, fun candy-shopping experience, we've chosen to divide the store into 8 distinct sections:

  • Kiddy Delights offers a range of lollipops, jellypops, chocopops,  pick-n-mix candies, hard candies, marshmallows, jelly beans, novelty cookies and various character candies and chocolates for kids.

  • Funky Treats is a hotspot for teenagers offering rock candies, flavoured mints packed in funky boxes and a wide range of sour treats

  • CF113403 cmyk.jpg
  • Classic Delights stocks all-time adult favourites including chocolate bars, truffles, fudges, caramels, flavoured candy sticks to spice up hot beverages and ice creams, pick-n-mix chocolate-coated nuts and fruit and an extensive range of dark chocolates in unique flavours including chilli and pepper.
CF113442 cmyk.jpg 
  • Our No-Guilt Options include sugar-free, low-calorie, all-natural, organic and vegetarian products of the highest quality.

  • The Snackin' Around section serves up delicious savoury snack items, all kinds of salted nuts, cocktail mixes, pretzels, biscuits, wafers and cookies.

  • The Gourmet Room showcases high-end brands such as 'Rococo' (chocolates from the UK),  'Divan' (gourmet Turkish Delight), 'Al Nassma' (UAE's very own camel milk chocolate) and more.

  • At Gifts Galore you'll find souvenir t- shirts, soft toys, candles and accessories, and a wide range of gift baskets. We also offer customized gifting solution to suit every budget and special occasion.

  • A Chill-Out Zone dishes out handmade Italian gelato sticks and scoops made with fresh cream in natural fruit sorbet and sugar-free options, sumptuous cupcakes, freshly-made cotton candy and the orignal 'Slush Puppie'
CF113353 cmyk.jpg

Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or an indulgent treat, Candelite! is the one-stop shop to satisfy your craving. What better way to make life sweeter?

What's your favourite kind of sweet treat? Share it with us here...