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Emax reloaded - web design made simple

Today, the Web Team is proud to announce the launch of, the new-look website that showcases the current range of Emax products and services. This is the first of an exciting line-up of digital initiatives planned for the coming year, aimed at simplifying electronics for customers.

Emax_website.pngThe redesign demonstrates the team's commitment to delivering great looking websites, developed with the customer in mind. We've replaced technical jargon with simple language, as part of our commitment to make the complex world of consumer electronics easier to understand. And the new look features carefully selected high-resolution images of the products currently available in the stores.

As well as being visually appealing and easy to use, the new site also contains some helpful features to enhance the shopping experience for Emax customers: buying guides to help visitors compare and select the most suitable products, a store locator to pinpoint nearby branches, and information on the latest offers and promotions. These are simple steps towards building sustainable long-term customer relationships.

The social media revolution, which continues to influence how people interact, has elevated the importance of good customer relations to an unprecedented high. In recognition of this, popular social media platforms - such as Facebook - have been integrated into the site to enable greater connectivity with fans and followers. Customers can now share specific content with their own networks, extending the site's reach into the region's online communities.

But the company's online activities don't stop there. Customers in the UAE will soon be able to purchase Emax products online via Landmark Group's upcoming e-commerce website. This game-changing "e-tail" store, the Web Team's flagship project, is coming soon to a screen near you.  

It's been an exciting few years for Emax: the company has achieved significant growth, received numerous awards for industry, opened several new stores in the region with plans to further expand operations into other countries. With the company increasingly focused on harnessing the digital aspects of its market presence, the future looks ever brighter.

Holiday Gadgetry

I love my electronics. Working for Emax sure has its benefits - I get first dibs on some of the best gadgets on the market today. Here's what's on my personal wishlist this holiday season:

Micromax Bling Q55

Thumbnail image for Micromax-Q55-Bling-pictures-1.jpg


  • Unique square shape
  • Dual GSM feature
  • Elegant, feminine styling
  • Great value

I've been looking for a functional phone that also makes a style statement, and this one clearly stands out from the rest. It's sideways-sliding square design was an instant hit with me, and ladies will love its three elegant Swarovski crystal buttons. Apart from all the expected goodies, this phone's dual GSM feature will let me use just one phone for my two GSM cards. Not only is this phone a great value from the get-go, but through Emax's "cash for mobile" offer you can save even more.

HP G62 Laptop



  • 15.6 inch laptop
  • 2.13 GHZ Intel card
  • Windows 7
  • Built-in HP webcam & microphone
  • 3 USB ports

Emax made it easy to spot my perfect laptop. I love how easy it is to use the HP G62's keyboard, and the fact that the keys don't make that annoying clackety sound when pressed. The specifications suit me fine, and the laptop is slick in all-black, which is my favourite colour.

Remington CS3000 "Ceramic" Hair Straightener

remington straightener.jpg


  • Fast, high heat-up
  • Ceramic plates

I trust the quality of the Remington brand, and am sure this this hair straightener will live up to the mark. What's more, the ceramic plates of this model will help to protect my hair from heat damage.

Remington D3701 Dual Turbo Hairdryer



  • 3 temperature settings
  • 2 airflow settings

This hairdryer won't just dry my hair quickly - its temperature settings will allow me to control the amount of heat so I don't damage my hair.

iPod Nano Touch: 6th Generation (8/16 GB)



  • Light, portable & colourful
  • High resolution multi-touch screen
  • Shake to Shuffle feature
  • Built-in radio

I go cycling every evening, and have been wanting an iPod that's small, light and easy to carry around. The new iPod Nano Touch is half the size of its predecessor, available in a range of juicy colours and features a hi-res multi-touch screen that will let me manage my music with a swipe of my finger. The neat Shake to Shuffle option would be handy when I don't feel like choosing music. I could simply clip this new toy on my shirt, hop on my bicycle and go for a ride with my favourite songs.

GE Microwave: PEB2060DMWW



  • One-touch cooking make operation easy and fast
  • Easy adjustment of time and temperature

Emax has a range of microwaves for everyone from the novice to the expert cook. I'm not the kind of person who likes cooking or spending time in the kitchen, so I'm gunning for this uncomplicated model - it'll prepare my food quickly and simply, just the way I like it.

If anyone's looking to buy me the perfect gift this holiday, you know what to get!
Are you a gadget geek too? Tell us which ones you covet this season.