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Welcome to your online Lifestyle

Following the Web Team's recent successful launch of the new Babyshop site, we are delighted to announce yet another addition to our online portfolio -- the much anticipated new website for Lifestyle, one of Landmark's most dynamic concepts.

Specialising in fresh and contemporary home d├ęcor, designer furnishings and personal accessories, Lifestyle is a brand that fashion-forward consumers, and women in particular, trust and love.

Our focus for the new site was on creating a user-friendly experience, that is easy to navigate, has clean design and clear labeling. One key challenge was to create an online personality that represents what Lifestyle is all about, as it's important to retain the look and feel of the off-line stores to some extent, so that existing Lifestyle customers can associate with the new web presence.

As with our other successful site launches, this adventure began with an immersion session that allowed the team to get a feel for the brand. We visited the flagship store to study the diverse product range, look at the store layout, observe the types of customers shopping in the store and gain an understanding of the key similarities and differences with their competitors. Our observations were then put into our creative blender, ideas were tossed around, and out came a workable structure or framework for the site and some great looking designs. Add some creativity, a lot of hard work and careful planning, and the net result is a great looking website. Don't take my work for it, see for yourself:

Lifestyle_website_Landmark Group.jpg

As a relatively new member of the Web Team  - I'm now entering my third month - it's a great feeling to get my first project delivered to the launch deadline. Having produced 100's of websites in my career, this one is special as it's the first I've worked on outside of the UK. Like all projects, we've faced challenges, but having a great team together, working in unison, is a recipe for success. Working in partnership with our design and development partners, and a very enthusiastic marketing team within Lifestyle, under the leadership of CEO Sachin Mundhwa, we've put together a site we're all proud of and the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable.

With the Lifestyle site now live, this is where the adventure really begins; we're already working on improvements to the site to keep things new and exciting for our customers to visit and re-visit.

What's In Your Bag 3: Makeup tips for an easy professional-to-glamour look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Cyrine Pinpin, Brand Manager, Beautybay

Skin type
Very oily

As the Brand Manager for Beautybay, I need to set an example of how my team should look in front of customers. So I keep my look presentable and professional - not too flashy but not too dull, a look that I can easily transform to a more glamorous one if I'm going straight from the office to a party.

What's in your bag?
Moisturize & Protect
1) My skin type attracts dirt, and since I wear makeup everyday it tends to stick to my pores. So having a regular cleansing routine using the right skin care products is very important. I make sure to remove all my my makeup every evening, and follow this by removing all grease and grime (cleansing impurities is different from removing makeup!). 

2) To moisturize and protect my skin during the day during the summer, I use Anne Moller Day Cream SPF 8 which does wonders for skin repair. During cooler months, I choose Erborian Yuza Sorbet Day Cream which is anti-stress, anti-fatigue, immune-boosting and also has a great light texture as a makeup base.

3) When going out into the sun, I bolster my skin's defenses with VMV Hypoallergenics' Armada which provides excellent protection.

1) My makeup routine starts with a liquid foundation by Rouge Bunny Rouge applied with liquid brush.

2) Around my eyes I use The Balm concealer.

3) For a matte base, I apply transparent loose powder all over my face.

4) I tend to my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil along the natural line of the brow, followed by a brush to set the pencil.

5) On my eyes I like to use eye pencils in black & brown together to create a softer look.

6) To make my eyes seem bigger, I create a smoky look using an eyeliner brush, and set the liner with a grey-mauve eyeshadow applied with an outwards, slightly upwards stroke for a fuller look.

7) On my browbone I apply light gold or white highlights for a bit of shimmer.

8) To mute my look, I put a light beige powder base around my eye (I avoid creams because of my oily skin and Dubai's hot, humid climate).

9) My eyelashes are short and straight, making mascara difficult to use, so I skip it entirely. 

10) Rouge Bunny Rouge's transparent lip balm gives a light gloss to my lips in the mornings when I'm in the office.

11) Last comes my Sisley Blush in a slightly warm colour.

12) If I need to go straight from the office to a party at night, I can instantly up the glam on my existing look - I touch up my eyeliner, put on a striking bright pink or red lip colour and I'm ready to go! Other times I keep my lips neutral and make my eyes super-smoky for a sultry nighttime look.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!

What's In Your Bag 1: Makeup tips for a corporate look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Marianne Tolentino, Beautybay Marketing Coordinator

Skin Type

I like a corporate look using natural colours so I remain fresh and presentable every day.

What's in your bag?
1) I start with Erborian BB Cream, a tinted moisturizer with SPF that serves as a great makeup base. It also works as a sunblock, which is essential in hot regions like the UAE.

2) Then I apply The Balm cream concealer around the eyes and on any dark spots, using my fingertips, to even out my complexion.

3) This is followed by Maybelline Pure Stay compact foundation, applied with a sponge all over the face.

4) On my eyebrows, I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil by Diego Dalla Palma to pencil just the lower half of the eyebrow, since my upper eyebrows are thick enough already. I then brush my eyebrows to set the pencil.

5) For my eyelids, I start with Mac's Rice Paper eyeshadow as a base colour to help correct some dark spots and give an even tone. I then apply a small amount of Brown or Grey shadow just on the lid, and follow this by contouring with a darker shade like Dark Brown

6) To bring out my eyes, I pull a thin line of Diego Dalla Palma's liquid black eyeliner from the beginning to the end of my eyelid, but not beyond - in hot weather, longer lines tend to smudge by 11am! I prefer not to use anything on my lower lid as it tends to melt or run and it's a pain to keep wiping in the midst of a busy day. 

7) I prime my eyelashes with Clis Booster XL by Lancome, which helps give volume to thin lashes. Then comes a dash of drama with Lancome's Hypnose mascara in black.

8) To accentuate my cheekbones (and make my face look smaller!) I love Diego Dalla Palma's pink powder, applied with a Diego Dalla Palma brush diagonally on the apples of my cheeks. 

9) For my lips, I start with an outline using pencil lipliner by Diego Dalla Palma, of a darker shade than the gloss that follows. Lipliner also helps set the gloss for a longer time. I then simply dab on lip gloss in pinks or nudes, also by Diego Dalla Palma. 

10) Being in an indoor office environment, my skin gets oily by midday, so I also always carry Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Film, which blots excess oil without removing makeup. These are especially good to use before reapplying powder on oily skin, since otherwise the powder would cake and look patchy.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!

What's In Your Bag 2: Makeup tips for a natural daytime look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals, who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Sheryl Saquing, PA to Deputy General Manager, Beautybay

Skin type
Oily, prone to breakouts

Mine is a simple, natural look. I meet a lot of people every day and I want to look natural and alert - even on days when I'm tired or sleepy - so I focus on making my eyes look bright and clean.

What's in your bag?
1) I always start my makeup routine by washing my face. Since my skin is oily, I keep it moisturized with L'Oreal Hydrating Gel. A common misconception is that oily skin doesn't require moisturizing, but in fact twice-daily cleansing with a gentle face wash followed by a light, oil-free moisturizer helps keep the skin from drying out and reduces the likelihood of irritated, blotchy skin.

2) Next comes a light, oil-free liquid foundation (Diego Della Palma #52) applied evenly with a fingertip all over the face.
3) I don't usually use any eyeshadow, so instead move to my liquid eyeliner in black/brown applied to my upper eyelid in a "pin-up" or "wing" style to create an almond shape that makes eyes look bigger and brighter. To do this, I start at the inner corner of the upper eyelid and pull a thin, even line towards the outer edge, extending it upwards and slightly beyond the outer edge. I then double back with a second line to create a small "triangle" and fill it in.

4) For my lower eyelid, I use Diego Dalla Palma's black eye pencil on the inner waterline to create contrast and make the whites of my eyes look even whiter.

5) I can't go out without applying mascara by Diego Dalla Palma - I love having long eyelashes!

6) On my cheeks I use a little bit of light-pink powder blush by The Body Shop to blend naturally with the colour of my skin.

7) I can live without lipstick, but I can't leave home without a transparent lip gloss or lip balm to keep my lips moist and give them a bit of natural-looking shine.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!

Scent Sense: How to Pick the Perfect Perfume

I always knew that perfume was powerful, but it only after joining Beautybay that I started to understand the science behind the magic. Why were certain perfumes intoxicating on some people and barely noticeable on others? Was there a reason the same scent smelled different on me at different times? How could I get my favourite fragrance to linger on me for longer? Time, testing and observation helped me make some sense of this heady art.

A question of chemistry
Every person has their own distinctive body chemistry, which depends on hormones, diet, overall health and the skin's pH balance. Perfumes mix with the body's natural aroma in a chemical reaction, resulting in either an enhanced smell, a neutral one or, in some unfortunate cases, an unpleasant one. The body's smell also varies by environment and mood, which is why the same perfume can smell different on you at different times. Oily skin tends to retain scent longer, while it easily dissipates on dry skin.

To determine whether a perfume's a good fit for you, spend enough time choosing it. Spray a small amount on the inside of your wrist, don't rub it, and wait. "Top notes" will unfold immediately, "heart notes" reveal themselves in 10-15 minutes, and "base notes" are those that remain after 20-30 minutes. If the perfume stays on long enough for you to detect the base notes, it's probably a good fit for you.

All-day fragrance
Follow these tips to ensure you smell good through the day:
  1. Bathe thoroughly before applying any fragrance to your body.
  2. Layer your perfumes before putting on your clothes or accessories - first use a matching body lotion (or an unscented one) to help your fragrance last longer.
  3. Lightly spray your perfume on "pulse points": the wrist, neck, cleavage, inside of the elbow, behind the knees and on the ankle. These points are where blood vessels are closest to the skin, giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps.
  4. Avoid spraying too much scent directly on your clothes - besides staining your garments, the scent can stick to the fabric, conflicting with different perfumes you plan to wear on other days.
  5. Don't overspray - the perfect perfume works best in small quantities, mixing with your natural body odour to create a balanced scent. 

Smell good this summer
Summer means heat, sweat, and - quite often - body odour. Don't try to mask body odour with copious quantities of perfume, as it can just aggravate the condition. Instead, bathe regularly (multiple times a day, if possible and necessary) to keep offensive odour-causing bacteria at bay. Wear clean, fresh clothes (soft fabrics like cotton are best) to stay cool and dry, and layer small quantities of perfume to smell your best. 

Light, bright fragrances in eau de toilette or cologne formats are best for the summer; keep the heavier parfum and eau de parfum concentrations for colder months. Fresh floral and uplifting citrus scents are optimal for women, while aquatic, citrus, and gentle woody notes work best for men.

New Year, Fresh Start


End-of-year festivities can be tons of fun for the spirit, but wreak havoc on the body. Are stored-up toxins having a party of their own inside you? Gift yourself a little extra care this New Year with the detox regimen at Spaces Salon & Spa. Our personal pick is the Relax, Cleanse and Revitalize trio.

Relax: Moroccan Bath
Our bodies can efficiently expel toxins through the pores of the skin. To boost this process, we recommend our Moroccan Bath. Moroccan.jpgKnown in Arabic simply as hammam, the Moroccan Bath is a relaxing indulgence for women as well as men. Traditional Moroccan black soap hydrates and nourishes the skin in a steam bath; this is followed by an invigorating loofah exfoliation and another soap massage before finishing with a final mask.

How it helps:

  • Improves skin elasticity and clarity
  • Balances oil secretion; controls acne
  • Refines skin texture by removing layers of dead skin
  • Rehydrates skin; soothes redness and flakiness


Cleanse: Micro Dermabrasion & Rejuvenating Facial
A face that's been repeatedly experimented upon with layers of makeup deserves a special treat. Micro Dermabrasion is a professional treatment that uses a safe, pressurised steam of minute crystals to gently exfoliate the upper layer of dead skin cells; our version is topped with a Rejuvenating Facial massage, customized especially for your skin type.

How it helps:

  • Leaves skin with a fresh glow
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and coarse-textured skin
  • Facilitates the penetration of high-tech skin care products into deeper layers of the skin
  • Builds collagen, which keeps skin looking young


Revitalise: Foot Reflexology
If too much high-heeled dancing has your feet aching, a Foot Reflexology massage will energize not just your feet, but your entire body. The reflexology technique includes an "inchworm" movement of the thumb and fingers across the foot as well as localized pressure on specific areas. Invigorating menthol oil and soothing lotions are used liberally to soften hard, calloused skin.

How it helps:

  • Relieves tired feet
  • Eases aches and pains
  • Improves circulation

Here's to a relaxed and happy new year for all the senses!

What are your favourite ways of rejuvenating your body after a hectic holiday season?

Have Harley, Will Travel

As the CEO of international beauty store Beautybay and a Harley Davidson aficionado, Shuja Jashanmal has it clear: there is a passion for your life, and a passion for your soul. I talk to him about the latter.

What fascinates you about motorbikes?
Our innate desire to travel, to be surrounded by the openness of the landscape and expanse of beauty around us. Man has been travelling since our earliest times - on horseback for most of our history, and, more recently, on motorbikes. The urge to travel is more pronounced in some individuals, though, and I think I'm one of them. Motorbikes for me are "steel horses".

Do you remember your first experience behind handlebars?
It was exhilarating! I was eight years old when I got a small tricycle. I rode over sand dunes near our house, much to the applause of my father and a look of absolute shock and dismay from my mother. It was my first taste of independence, of being in control of another entity all by myself. I was instantly hooked.

What's your current set of wheels?
The Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Limited.

What's your dream bike?
The Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Ultra Glide. It's as good as they'll ever get.

Cruiser? Or street racer?
Always a cruiser.

Dream road trip?
That'd have to be the infamous Route 66 - Chicago to Santa Monica Beach, California. Fortunes have been made and lost on this highway. Towns have come and gone. Rock stars and Hollywood celebrities have been discovered. Drive-in food chains have been founded... the list goes on. This is the Mother of all Roads and the first national highway ever created. It's the blue print of every nation's road and transport infrastructure today, and I'd absolutely love to ride it.

Are you a lone ranger or a pack wolf?
A Lone Ranger all the way, baby! I ride Harleys for me.

How do people react when they find out you're a corporate manager?
Adults that get it smile knowingly. Those that don't get it ask silly questions, which I generally ignore. But it's the kids that get a real thrill. I like telling them that you can have two passions: one for your life, and one for your soul. For me, riding Harleys is food for my soul.

Do you have any advice for those starting their own love affair with Harleys?
Make sure you're getting into it for yourself, and not because it's cool or a fad. It's an expensive love affair that will last you for life. If it's your heart's desire, then every penny is worth it. RIDE ON.

What's your passion for the soul? Share it with us here!