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Refresh your home with Ramadan inspirations from Home Centre

For most of us, our home is sacred. It is one place where we can truly be ourselves. What if our home could reflect who we were, what we represent and all of that within a budget? Home Centre's team of buyers and stylists have put together a selection of traditional accessories and ornaments, luxurious furniture pieces and lighting choices, classical carpets, tableware and kitchenware that will help you recreate the richness and warmth of the Ramadan season in your homes.

Many interesting home décor ideas will come to you as you stroll around Home Centre stores over the weekend. The store infuses a sense of warmth and comfort that can be recreated in your homes too, so soak it in. Look out for layouts, textures, colour combinations that catch your attention and interesting store discounts, special offers that can be good on your pocket.

Here are some exciting tips that could help you make the right shopping choices this Ramadan.

clean up.png

Clean up the clutter

Getting rid of old furniture, linens and excess clutter can help make space for new. Organizing shelves, stacking books on the coffee table, giving away unused furniture can be therapeutic. Once clean, you could transform your rooms by changing cushion covers, curtains and carpets to add a new splash of colour. The colour could help define rooms and distinguish sections.


Themes and collections

The easiest way to give your home a seasonal touch is to add a few thematic accessories. Similar looking objects like vases, stack of books, candles etc. can be clubbed together to build a collection. Place your collection in an under-utilized space of your home.

Make it sparkle

Vacuuming, dusting and washing may sound tedious, but it is one big way of making your home a clean safe haven. Involve your kids, assign tasks and make it a fun experience to clean the house. This could count in as your exercise for the day too.

Light up your life
Brighten up your room with lamps or go old school by lighting a few candles or lanterns.  These lamps can build a mood within each room and even highlight sections of your home. You could also push your curtains to one side so that the light can stream in and reposition some of your furniture to face the window of the room.


Cook up a delicious Iftar
Cooking a delicious Iftar meal for your loved ones can be much more fun when you have the right durable cookware to make your delicious food into reality. With Home Centre's wide range of good quality cookware you can efficiently cook up a storm and effortlessly serve a nutritious Iftar for your loved ones.

Serve in style
As most say 'we eat with our eyes', make your food look welcoming and delicious on the Iftar table this Ramadan.  Home Centre's wide range of festive crockery and cutlery can add a delicious visual appeal to your food. Let the color of your table cloth set the base and lay on colors and patterns with table linen and dinnerware.


Gift Happiness

This season is marked by generosity, togetherness and sharing, and Home Centre has gifting options that can bring a smile on any face. You can pick up some aesthetic serving dishes and traditional accessories for your loved ones and maybe gift yourself a few pieces too.

Memory lane

Photos of your loved ones can instantly make your home warm and welcoming. Take some time off during the weekends to go through your old photo albums, old photo folders on your laptop and pick out pictures that put a smile to your face. Print and frame! This photo frames can be spread out in any room, place it on your coffee table, window pane or the kitchen counter. Thus, adding a warm flavor when guests visit your home.

These are just a few pieces from an extensive Ramadan collection to make this festive season a special time for friends and family.  The tips on the other hand will help you open your heart and home to pleasant changes in this Ramadan season.