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Healthy Iftar Cookbook

The Holy month of Ramadan is an important period for all of us living in the Middle East. Fasting during Ramadan helps us practice self-control; it is a time of physical cleansing and spiritual healing. But time and again, many of us end up over indulging while opening our fast.

Most health problems are merely a result of inappropriate diet and lack of sleep. The inclusion of healthy alternatives during Iftar meals can increase energy and pave the way to good health.

Through the Beat Diabetes initiative, a public awareness campaign by the Landmark Group, we are trying to emphasize the need for a healthy diet through our 'Eat Healthy' banner. While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed through the right care, a healthy diet being one of them.

"We are what we eat" and eating right is the key focus of our initiative.

Our Ramadan Cookbook on Facebook is a blend of 50 easy, delicious traditional and international Iftar recipes that will help you make a healthy shift for you and your loved ones. The recipes in this Cookbook are simple and flavorsome, involve your friends and family to make this a worthwhile cooking experience.

Let's make Health and Spirituality come together this Ramadan.

To cook these mouthwatering yet nutritious Iftar dishes, Click and download the Healthy Iftar Cookbook.