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Know Your Body Type - Ayurveda: part 2

According to Ayurveda the human body is balanced in three combinations called the tridoshas (body types) - Vata, Pita and Kapha. Everybody is predominantly a particular dosha (body type), with the other two doshas being present to a lesser degree.

The three doshas' primary qualities can be tabulated as given below - but this is just an overview.






Ether and Air


Earth and Water



Medium built



Rough and Dry   


Smooth and Oily






Sweet, Sour and Salty

Cool, Sweet, Bitter and Astringent

Pungent, Bitter and Astringent



Strong digestion

Sluggish digestion


Enthusiastic, active

Determined, impatient

Patient, even-tempered

When the doshas are in a balanced form in a body the body will function at its best.

For this you need to have a rough idea of what your body type is by picking the best option that describes you, to answer the questions below. For a proper diagnosis and understanding it is recommended that you meet a qualified Ayurveda practitioner. The body type that has been picked the most number of times will reflect your dominant body type.


Ayurvedic-Room-2.jpgWhat is your skin like?
  1. You need to bathe in moisturizer or you are left with scaly skin. (V)
  2. Sensitive and warm (like your best friend) but with a tendency to reddishness, inflammation. It could also be oily. (P)
  3. Thick skinned (no, we are not talking about attitude here) and rather prone to acne. (K)

In terms of physical built, you are...
  1. Thin built, with small bones and prominent joints. (V)
  2. Medium built with a fairly well-balanced body. (P)
  3. Of solid, ample or stocky built with a larger bone structure. (K)

In terms of appetite and digestion...
  1. You have an irregular appetite and are hungry at times and sometimes you are not. (V)
  2. You have a large appetite and digest food quickly. You tend to get irritable if you miss a meal, however too much hunger results in inability to eat anything. (P)
  3. You tend to feel heavy after a meal and have a very sluggish digestion. (K)

Your brain resembles the latest super computer or a rather rusty analog computer...
  1. You are good at picking up new things but things get hazy when it comes to long term memory. (V)
  2. You are blessed with a good memory. (P)
  3. You take your time to assimilate new information, but once you remember something it tends to stick. (K)

Is nap time your favourite time or do you dread it?
  1. The smallest sound wakes you up. (V)
  2. You sleep well. (P)
  3. You are lost to the world once your head hits the pillow. A heavy and sound sleeper. (K)

The weather also plays a role in our body type. Usually...
  1. You don't like the cold. You prefer warm good and drink to cold ones. (V)
  2. You don't like the heat. You sweat easy and it makes you tired. (P)
  3. You don't like humid or damp environments. (K)

How do you handle stress?
  1. It makes you anxious, fearful and / or insecure. (V)
  2. It makes you angry, frustrated and / or irritable. (P)
  3. You tend to avoid difficult situations but are fairly calm under stress. (K)

Your weight is a pointer to many things - emotional and physical. Which best describes you?
  1. You don't put on weight that easily. (V)
  2. You put on weight easily but find it hard to lose. (P)
  3. You put on weight like most other people - over a period of time. (K)

Your attitude is also influenced by your dosha. You are normally...
  1. Creative, enthusiastic, active and somewhat restless. (V)
  2. Determined, impatient, critical, stubborn and easy to anger. (P)
  3. Even-tempered, patient, compassionate and not particularly high energy. (K)

These are some of the illnesses you are usually prone to...
  1. Constipation, anxiety, nervousness and / or insomnia. (V)
  2. Inflammation, hypertension, hypersensitivity (to allergies, rashes, arthritis etc.) and / or aggression. (P)
  3. Congestion, water retention, cystic acne and / or lethargy. (K)

chandy.jpgDr. Chandy George, the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant at Balance Wellness Club brings over 15 years of experience in the field of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. His uncanny and remarkable ability for accurate diagnosis (using no other diagnostic tool than his three fingers to  feel your pulse - an ancient process called nadi pariksha) and his compassionate, intuitive skills have helped him treat some of the complicated imbalances with great insight and success.