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Landmark Group Employee Stories, part 1: "The road to riches"

Raza Beig was a regular college graduate with no special degrees or fancy qualifications.

A chance newspaper advertisement during a difficult personal time, a meeting with Landmark Group CEO Micky Jagtiani and some inspiration from Mother Teresa - along with dogged determination and hard work - saw him rise to become CEO of Splash and ICONIC, two of the Middle East's most illustrious fashion brands.

An incredible walk from store room to board room was the path for Manu Jeswani, now CEO of successful footwear brands Shoe Mart, Shoexpress and Shoe Mart International. His ability to listen to opportunity when it knocked, along with priceless insights from Mr Jagtiani, put him on the fast track to success, a journey he still finds unbelievable, even today.

These are just two of the many passionate people at the heart of Landmark Group. Watch their inspiring stories in the video below: