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Make your business count with Social media: part 1

Businesses have always depended on proven, measurable marketing methods, which is one reason why some marketers are skeptical about social media. I have a different perspective.  

I see now that most of the social media platforms are exploited as just an additional communication channel. Social media is too often explored just for the sake of exploring and there is no clear attention or importance shown towards it, but what if we establish clearly measurable metrics for social media, which is worth taking seriously.

Measure business using social media

That aside, lets remember that social media is the only platform that breaks the long-standing wall between companies and their customers. How can this platform be considered to be just an additional communication channel?

Beyond its fundamental importance to communicate with customers, we can measure its effectiveness by using it as the sole source of some offers. All you need to do is make some of your communication only through Facebook or Twitter and track the responses. You will be able to measure your social media success with ease and  achieve much better results than you'll get from larger marketing spends.

While there is no fully structured way to do social media, which is still very new compared to other types of media, it shouldn't stop us from forming structured processes as we move forward and learn from our efforts. There's a lot to be gained - and a lot of your competitors are creating social media success stories.

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