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Bringing up Babyshop

As a relatively new member of the Landmark Web Team, I am proud to share our latest effort, the website for Babyshop, which specialises in fashion clothing, baby basics, toys and nursery furniture for newborn babies, toddlers and children up to 16.

It was our aim to ensure the new site had user-friendly navigation, clean design and clear labelling to showcase the diverse range of products. We also had to make sure that certain elements - the store locator, information about brands, offers and more - were consistent with other Landmark sites so users understand they're within Landmark Group.

As is the case with revising all our sites, this journey started with an immersion session in which our design partners were introduced to the brand. The two-person team visited Dubai and spent time with Rahul Saxena (Head of Marketing) and Sai Talwalkar (Marketing Coordinator), who told them all they needed to know about Babyshop.

Following this session, we developed the site framework, also known as its architecture, which involved organising and labelling product sections so we could better understand and define the site's content. Once approved, the structural elements were interpreted into a design; we based the colours, which you will notice throughout the site, around the current logo - a subtle but necessary requirement. 


Our main challenge was making products look great within the layout. We had to consider horizontally and vertically oriented images so we needed another photo shoot and used all our photo-editing skills to make sure the images looked right. I can speak for us all when I say this was an invaluable learning experience for everyone involved.

I cannot express enough how important it is to create great assets. It's a critical part of the process because we're determined to make the concepts' sites as visually stimulating as possible. To do this, we require assets that translate well online; if necessary, we'll create assets that meet our requirements. Although this can be challenging, we're determined to make the user experience memorable.

Working on all websites is a challenge, but I can honestly say that everything we develop in the Web Team is evolving. There are lots of ground-breaking enhancements already in the pipeline so watch these spaces..., and