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The Web Team launches Splash and Shoe Mart sites

Six months after Landmark's Web Team launched the new Home Centre website, I'm pleased to announce the launch of the latest two sites that we've been working on: the Splash and Shoe Mart websites.

Splash and Shoe Mart customers represent a completely different prospect to the Home Centre audience, they're more style-conscious and fashion savvy. We've tailored both sites to suit these customers, but instead of focusing on promoting products, we've tried to inspire them instead.

For Splash we've created an innovative "look-book" to showcase the latest fashion trends; for Shoe Mart we've designed a simple interface so customers can easily browse through this season's key styles. Both features help fashion-conscious shoppers find something unique, visualise their look, and imagine themselves wearing the clothes and shoes prior to visiting our stores.

Splash Fashions_Landmark Retail_New.jpg      Shoemart_Website_Landmark Retail_new.jpg

With another two websites under our belt we're looking firmly towards the future. Building a web presence is just the beginning, now comes the hard work of keeping the content fresh and continuing to improve the website experience for visitors.

Bringing new websites to life is no easy business and we faced multiple challenges along the way. If you've been involved in launching a website from start to launch, it would be great to compare stories and see if the same issues came up, why not share your experiences with us here.