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Hiring is "Serious Fun" at Fun City

In this instalment of Growth - our series on better HR practices - we turn to Fun City, where work is play. Being a family entertainment centre (FEC), it's essential that every Fun City employee is highly creative, energetic, spontaneous and service-oriented. So how do we go about finding the right people?


Enter Fun Gauge; Fun City's recruiting framework is designed to evaluate potential employees on its core competencies. We start by shortlisting resumes and giving selected candidates an overview of the organization and the potential for growth. Then for some serious play: we use an audition process in which candidates go through creative group introductions, role plays and a personal interview to determine whether they fit the bill. The selection at Fun City is done in 3 stages:

  1. Group introduction: Applicants are split into groups and then asked to introduce themselves to the group in an innovative way that distinguishes them from the others and presents them as uniquely qualified for the job. This process familiarizes them with the group and tests creativity and spontaneity. We also evaluate body language and the overall confidence level of the candidate, although there is no shortlisting done at this stage.

  2. Team role play: Candidates are then grouped into small teams, each provided with scenarios to plan and enact in fifteen minutes. They are encouraged to be as creative as possible and are allowed to use any props available to make their role play more realistic & interesting. Candidates are evaluated on their coordination, team work, communication, creativity and enthusiasm at this stage. Candidates are shortlisted based upon their team and their individual scores.

  3. Personal interview: In this final stage of the Fun City selection process, all shortlisted candidates are interviewed individually by our panel. This stage covers aspects of the candidate that may not have been visible in other stages.

Candidates are encouraged to ask questions and clarify any concerns they might have about the job. A final selection is made based on the combined scores of the role play round and the personal interview.

We've found that this framework not only gets us the right fit for the job, but is a more enjoyable process for both applicants and interviewers. We get to see more of the "real" person in action and get a more realistic idea of how they'd perform in the role. Fun City encourages employees with unique talent: magicians, jugglers, balloon benders, clown and party hosts form an important part of our talent pool

Most importantly, this method helps us build trust with our potential new employees, which is critical to our work culture of honest, direct and transparent communication. Let the fun begin!

Does your organization have an interesting approach to hiring the right people? Share your ideas with us here.