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The importance of employee recognition

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

This motivational quote is an inspiration to Shoe Mart's Employee Recognition (ER) programme. Research has shown that a timely, effective ER can benefit the company by:Shoe Mart.jpg

- improving sales and boosting bottom lines,
- motivating employees,
- reducing absenteeism,
- creating an enjoyable working environment,
- making employees feel appreciated, and
- improving organizational productivity.

Our employees are vital to our success and growth, and a happy, motivated employee makes for a better customer experience, too. We believe in investing in our staff's job satisfaction and use a number of approaches to achieve this.

Employee of the Month, Quarter and Year

Every month, our Store Managers help recognize outstanding workers by assessing their staff daily on job performance (top sellers, highest-value sales), customer service, work discipline (absenteeism, punctuality, sick leave) and grooming.

Employees that score the highest each month, quarter and year are gifted with attractive rewards including certificates, badges, vouchers, cash prizes, airline tickets, hotel stays and dinner with the CEO.


Best Store of the Quarter
To foster teamwork and healthy competition, we also track performance at the store level. Our Best Store of the Quarter award gives Store Managers an incentive to improve their staff's performance and create camaraderie and a sense of belonging amongst employees.

ADZAP is a programme that fosters creative selling skills, spontaneity and humour. Participants are divided into small teams, given an irrelevant or imaginary product to sell and just a few minutes to come up with a unique, effective way of marketing it. It's a great programme to get employees to think creatively, bond with each other and stay productive at their jobs.

Coffee with HR
We organize regular "coffee meetings" between store staff and our HR team so that employees get to share feedback, air grievances and help identify areas of improvement directly in a casual, friendly atmosphere. These interactions give employees a sense of empowerment and ownership in the company, and allow us to fine-tune policies and procedures for a better working environment.

Don't just pay them - praise them!
As part of the Landmark Group, Shoe Mart's biggest asset is the power of its people. Through our Employee Recognition programme, we've found that our employees feel proud of what they do and look forward to building a career with us. They're more willing to go the extra mile, interact better with customers and colleagues, and appreciate having open channels of communication with senior management staff.

We've also seen improved recruitment rates and are better able to identify and solve staffing problems. Paying an employee might get the job done - but praising their good work gets the job done well.

How does your company recognize its employees? Share it with us here...