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Every child has the right to have fun


Having fun is every child's right. At Fun City, we've teamed up with Volunteer in Dubai - along with the support of the Senses Centre - to launch an initiative that aspires to brighten the day of children with special needs.

The "Fun Day Sunday" initiative, held on the first Sunday of every month at Fun City in the Oasis Centre, the Arabian Centre and Lamcy Plaza in Dubai and Marina Mall and Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi, invites children with special needs to spend the whole day letting loose and enjoying themselves. Our hearts warm to see the kids having fun with a host of activities including soft play, a drop tower and interactive games, plus puppet shows, singing, dancing and art contests to make sure there's never a dull moment. Even our staff has a ball playing with the children and serving them refreshments and gifts.

Volunteer in Dubai was founded in 2008 with the purpose of bringing together any charity, organization or cause with residents that are eager to volunteer their time and give back to the community. Charities and non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to keep overheads at a minimum, thus ensuring that every penny possible goes to those who need it most.


As a business entity, the Landmark Group is firmly committed to the wellbeing of our community, society and environment, and we strive to play an active role in making positive changes around us. Through the Fun Day Sunday initiative, we've had the honour of doing our small bit in bringing about something money can't buy: the smile of a child.

May every day be a fun day!

Do you have ideas on how to brighten up a child's day? Share them with us here...