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Citymax SuperChef Robin Gomes

Group Executive Chef Robin Gomes is a hard man to miss. Beneath his ebullient exterior - twinkling eyes, expressive hands, infectious enthusiasm - lies a man of fierce passion and tireless determination, a man responsible for the authentic flavours and fresh, innovative cuisine of each of Citymax's many food outlets including Max Music Bar & Grill, Claypot, Sizzling Wok and our newest addition, The Huddle Grill.

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Chef Gomes comes from a family of chefs; indeed, an entire village of chefs: in his hometown of Habibpur, East Bengal, every home boasts of at least one professional chef. All of Gomes' eight brothers are chefs so, although he always wanted to be a singer, it seems his fate was inevitable.

He worked his way up the food chain, as it were, starting off as a humble waiter in a Delhi hotel. Irked by the slow pace in the kitchens, he began helping the chef whenever he could, picking up enough culinary skills to be promoted to chef himself. When he came to Dubai back in 1978, he started from the bottom again, this time as a "commies cook" - the lowest rank in the kitchen - and carved his path to where he is today.

He continues to experiment playfully in the kitchen, creating unexpected combinations of flavours and textures that surprise and delight. But he's also mindful of simplicity: he encourages people to try his dishes at home for a five-star experience (see our SuperChef Coco-Trilogy)

A senior member of the culinary Guild, Chef Gomes has also appeared on live cooking shows for Ajman Channel, Zee TV and others. His philosophy? A good dish, like a successful life, doesn't need a lot of ingredients - just a lot of love, discipline and honesty. It's a recipe that's worked wonders for Chef Gomes.

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