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The Web Team launches the new Home Centre website

I met Savitar Jagtiani, the man leading The Web Team at Landmark Group, back in January 2011. He introduced me to the company, their presence in the Middle East and how they were planning to tackle digital. The strategy was incredible and it was apparent that it was taking shape very quickly. Six months later, we launched the new Home Centre website.
Home Centre Store_Homepage_revised.png
Honestly speaking, not everyone may appreciate where Landmark Group is heading, as most companies in the Middle East don't really understand digital very well. I personally have lived and breathed digital projects for over eleven years now, starting my career as a Designer, Front-End Engineer, Producer, Project Manager and now Senior Project Manager.

I know a thing or two about digital, and have met a lot of people who like to throw their opinions around, guessing in which direction it's headed and what methodologies and tools should be used. For me, "digital" has become a buzzword for people who haven't been in the industry long enough. What most people don't realize is that digital is another cog to a much larger wheel. Just as how distribution, human resources and customer service have a role to play, so does digital. Not taking this into consideration in any project will ultimately lead you down a strategy which just doesn't support the growth of any business.

When I work on a digital project I always focus on two areas: direction and execution. Direction for me is about stepping back and understanding where the business has come from, what it is doing right now and where it intends to move forward. Execution concerns how you go about it, by focussing on communication, the calibre of your team and being incredibly sensitive towards user experience and design. This will lead you down a path aligned with where the company needs to go.Homecentre_innerpage_1.png

With Home Centre we did exactly that. We deeply understood what journey the company had been on, what it was doing right now and where it was planning to go, and created a strategy that was unique to them. The real success was in how we executed the project. We handed all communications via 37 Signal's Basecamp, kept an incredibly close eye on the user experience and design, and - most importantly - the real magic came from the team. Home Centre supported us completely and with an amazingly passionate design, copy and technical team we were able to transform the strategy into something really stunning.

It is the start of a new journey for Home Centre digitally, and, moving forward, we'll be listening, strategising and supporting Home Centre to help that wheel run just a little bit better.