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Growth 2: "Top Guns" - Splash's Internal Training & Recruitment Programme

An old Chinese proverb says, "If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people."

At the second instalment of Growth - the Landmark Group's cross-brand knowledge-sharing session - high-street fashion brand Splash presented "Top Guns", a one-of-a-kind employee training & recruitment programme spearheaded by Splash CEO Raza Beig and I.

With a light-hearted nod to the popular film of the same name, Top Guns combines best practices from HR, training and development into a comprehensive programme that readies Splash employees for internal recruitment. Through Top Guns, we project that up to 75% of the brand's growing human resource needs can be met by internal recruitment alone. Employees that participate in the programme get several benefits, including:

first priority for promotions
a motivational badge and certificate identifying them as part of the talent pool
a gift voucher
a structured opportunity to prove their potential
a chance to fast-track their career

Programme structure

Top Gun's 4-stage structure begins with an Enrollment process, followed by the Entrance Test (aptitude test, industry-related quiz and interview), Flight School (training for the next level; on-job training) and the final Combat Mission in which individual or group assignments are made. A 5-tier "Air Wing" module clearly defines promotion levels from Sales to Senior Sales, Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager and Area Manager. 

Top Guns lasts for 6 months apiece and runs twice a year. At the end of each programme, the graduates ("Air Marshalls") will have been rigorously trained, equipped with the right skills and personality and form a ready talent pool to fill emerging recruitment needs.

Brand benefits

The brand itself benefits in several ways from training programmes like Top Guns, such as:

reduced recruitment costs
capacity-building in a changing environment
increased employee morale due to increased transparency
energised, committed employees
a robust talent pipeline
a culture promoting "Life Long Learning"
reinforced reputation as an "Employer of Choice"

Since Top Guns premiered at Splash, we're already seeing a tremendous growth in the morale and aptitude of Splash employees across all territories, and Landmark's HR team hopes to implement similar programmes for other brands. Standby for more case studies from our Growth sessions!

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