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Introducing Candelite!: a sweet new concept by the Landmark Group

Store Full length Shot_FB.jpgWe're proud to introduce the latest feather in the Landmark Group cap: Candelite!, a sweet new concept offering world-class confectionery and savoury snacks.

Candelite! caters to an eclectic, multicultural customer base that spans all age groups. With over 2000 products and 100 brands (including several international brands we stock exclusively), there's something to delight everyone. Our spacious, colourful stores are a visual treat for children and adults alike: we've noticed a distinct slowing of pace and turning of head by nearly everyone who walks past a Candelite! store.

To create an intuitive, fun candy-shopping experience, we've chosen to divide the store into 8 distinct sections:

  • Kiddy Delights offers a range of lollipops, jellypops, chocopops,  pick-n-mix candies, hard candies, marshmallows, jelly beans, novelty cookies and various character candies and chocolates for kids.

  • Funky Treats is a hotspot for teenagers offering rock candies, flavoured mints packed in funky boxes and a wide range of sour treats

  • CF113403 cmyk.jpg
  • Classic Delights stocks all-time adult favourites including chocolate bars, truffles, fudges, caramels, flavoured candy sticks to spice up hot beverages and ice creams, pick-n-mix chocolate-coated nuts and fruit and an extensive range of dark chocolates in unique flavours including chilli and pepper.
CF113442 cmyk.jpg 
  • Our No-Guilt Options include sugar-free, low-calorie, all-natural, organic and vegetarian products of the highest quality.

  • The Snackin' Around section serves up delicious savoury snack items, all kinds of salted nuts, cocktail mixes, pretzels, biscuits, wafers and cookies.

  • The Gourmet Room showcases high-end brands such as 'Rococo' (chocolates from the UK),  'Divan' (gourmet Turkish Delight), 'Al Nassma' (UAE's very own camel milk chocolate) and more.

  • At Gifts Galore you'll find souvenir t- shirts, soft toys, candles and accessories, and a wide range of gift baskets. We also offer customized gifting solution to suit every budget and special occasion.

  • A Chill-Out Zone dishes out handmade Italian gelato sticks and scoops made with fresh cream in natural fruit sorbet and sugar-free options, sumptuous cupcakes, freshly-made cotton candy and the orignal 'Slush Puppie'
CF113353 cmyk.jpg

Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or an indulgent treat, Candelite! is the one-stop shop to satisfy your craving. What better way to make life sweeter?

What's your favourite kind of sweet treat? Share it with us here...