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Better Careers at the Landmark Group

One of the chief mandates of the Landmark Group's Web Team is to keep improving our existing presence on the web. Our latest efforts have been directed at our Careers page, which was in need of an upgrade. The old page, though complete in information, lacked the punch to inspire energetic, talented people to consider working at Landmark.

Old Careers page_Landmark group.jpg New Careers Page_LandmarkGroup.jpg

We wanted a better, brighter page that reflected the Landmark Group's attractive work environment and the diverse, exciting opportunities it offers. Being such a large company often means being mistaken for a nameless, faceless organization, which we're anything but - so on the new Careers page, we included a candid Q&A section with some of our top executives describing their career paths and their experience at Landmark. 

In order to showcase the people who work at Landmark, we also decided to plump up the page with a video featuring various Landmark Group employees. Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think!

What do you think of Landmark's new Careers page? Share your thoughts with us here...