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What's In Your Bag 3: Makeup tips for an easy professional-to-glamour look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Cyrine Pinpin, Brand Manager, Beautybay

Skin type
Very oily

As the Brand Manager for Beautybay, I need to set an example of how my team should look in front of customers. So I keep my look presentable and professional - not too flashy but not too dull, a look that I can easily transform to a more glamorous one if I'm going straight from the office to a party.

What's in your bag?
Moisturize & Protect
1) My skin type attracts dirt, and since I wear makeup everyday it tends to stick to my pores. So having a regular cleansing routine using the right skin care products is very important. I make sure to remove all my my makeup every evening, and follow this by removing all grease and grime (cleansing impurities is different from removing makeup!). 

2) To moisturize and protect my skin during the day during the summer, I use Anne Moller Day Cream SPF 8 which does wonders for skin repair. During cooler months, I choose Erborian Yuza Sorbet Day Cream which is anti-stress, anti-fatigue, immune-boosting and also has a great light texture as a makeup base.

3) When going out into the sun, I bolster my skin's defenses with VMV Hypoallergenics' Armada which provides excellent protection.

1) My makeup routine starts with a liquid foundation by Rouge Bunny Rouge applied with liquid brush.

2) Around my eyes I use The Balm concealer.

3) For a matte base, I apply transparent loose powder all over my face.

4) I tend to my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil along the natural line of the brow, followed by a brush to set the pencil.

5) On my eyes I like to use eye pencils in black & brown together to create a softer look.

6) To make my eyes seem bigger, I create a smoky look using an eyeliner brush, and set the liner with a grey-mauve eyeshadow applied with an outwards, slightly upwards stroke for a fuller look.

7) On my browbone I apply light gold or white highlights for a bit of shimmer.

8) To mute my look, I put a light beige powder base around my eye (I avoid creams because of my oily skin and Dubai's hot, humid climate).

9) My eyelashes are short and straight, making mascara difficult to use, so I skip it entirely. 

10) Rouge Bunny Rouge's transparent lip balm gives a light gloss to my lips in the mornings when I'm in the office.

11) Last comes my Sisley Blush in a slightly warm colour.

12) If I need to go straight from the office to a party at night, I can instantly up the glam on my existing look - I touch up my eyeliner, put on a striking bright pink or red lip colour and I'm ready to go! Other times I keep my lips neutral and make my eyes super-smoky for a sultry nighttime look.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!