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What's In Your Bag 1: Makeup tips for a corporate look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Marianne Tolentino, Beautybay Marketing Coordinator

Skin Type

I like a corporate look using natural colours so I remain fresh and presentable every day.

What's in your bag?
1) I start with Erborian BB Cream, a tinted moisturizer with SPF that serves as a great makeup base. It also works as a sunblock, which is essential in hot regions like the UAE.

2) Then I apply The Balm cream concealer around the eyes and on any dark spots, using my fingertips, to even out my complexion.

3) This is followed by Maybelline Pure Stay compact foundation, applied with a sponge all over the face.

4) On my eyebrows, I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil by Diego Dalla Palma to pencil just the lower half of the eyebrow, since my upper eyebrows are thick enough already. I then brush my eyebrows to set the pencil.

5) For my eyelids, I start with Mac's Rice Paper eyeshadow as a base colour to help correct some dark spots and give an even tone. I then apply a small amount of Brown or Grey shadow just on the lid, and follow this by contouring with a darker shade like Dark Brown

6) To bring out my eyes, I pull a thin line of Diego Dalla Palma's liquid black eyeliner from the beginning to the end of my eyelid, but not beyond - in hot weather, longer lines tend to smudge by 11am! I prefer not to use anything on my lower lid as it tends to melt or run and it's a pain to keep wiping in the midst of a busy day. 

7) I prime my eyelashes with Clis Booster XL by Lancome, which helps give volume to thin lashes. Then comes a dash of drama with Lancome's Hypnose mascara in black.

8) To accentuate my cheekbones (and make my face look smaller!) I love Diego Dalla Palma's pink powder, applied with a Diego Dalla Palma brush diagonally on the apples of my cheeks. 

9) For my lips, I start with an outline using pencil lipliner by Diego Dalla Palma, of a darker shade than the gloss that follows. Lipliner also helps set the gloss for a longer time. I then simply dab on lip gloss in pinks or nudes, also by Diego Dalla Palma. 

10) Being in an indoor office environment, my skin gets oily by midday, so I also always carry Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Film, which blots excess oil without removing makeup. These are especially good to use before reapplying powder on oily skin, since otherwise the powder would cake and look patchy.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!