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What's In Your Bag 2: Makeup tips for a natural daytime look

In this series, grab a sneak peek into the personal makeup bags of 3 Beautybay professionals, who share their favourite tips and tools to looking great all day, every day.

Sheryl Saquing, PA to Deputy General Manager, Beautybay

Skin type
Oily, prone to breakouts

Mine is a simple, natural look. I meet a lot of people every day and I want to look natural and alert - even on days when I'm tired or sleepy - so I focus on making my eyes look bright and clean.

What's in your bag?
1) I always start my makeup routine by washing my face. Since my skin is oily, I keep it moisturized with L'Oreal Hydrating Gel. A common misconception is that oily skin doesn't require moisturizing, but in fact twice-daily cleansing with a gentle face wash followed by a light, oil-free moisturizer helps keep the skin from drying out and reduces the likelihood of irritated, blotchy skin.

2) Next comes a light, oil-free liquid foundation (Diego Della Palma #52) applied evenly with a fingertip all over the face.
3) I don't usually use any eyeshadow, so instead move to my liquid eyeliner in black/brown applied to my upper eyelid in a "pin-up" or "wing" style to create an almond shape that makes eyes look bigger and brighter. To do this, I start at the inner corner of the upper eyelid and pull a thin, even line towards the outer edge, extending it upwards and slightly beyond the outer edge. I then double back with a second line to create a small "triangle" and fill it in.

4) For my lower eyelid, I use Diego Dalla Palma's black eye pencil on the inner waterline to create contrast and make the whites of my eyes look even whiter.

5) I can't go out without applying mascara by Diego Dalla Palma - I love having long eyelashes!

6) On my cheeks I use a little bit of light-pink powder blush by The Body Shop to blend naturally with the colour of my skin.

7) I can live without lipstick, but I can't leave home without a transparent lip gloss or lip balm to keep my lips moist and give them a bit of natural-looking shine.

Do you have makeup tips and tools that work for you every day? Share them with us here!