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Keeping Baby Safe: Essential Accessories

A child's safety always starts with good parenting - but it doesn't hurt to have a little help along the way. Here is a list of 11 safety accessories we consider important at Babyshop to put an extra level of security into your child's daily life.

11 Essential Child-Safety Accessories

  1. 1st Grooming Kit. This all-in-one kit takes care of your child's grooming and wellness, and is ideal when you're travelling.

  2. Multi-purpose Latch. Here's a deterrent to keep inquisitive kids out of harm's way. The Multi-purpose Latch is perfect for fridges, microwaves and dishwashers.

  3. Knee Protector. Knee protectors help protect your toddler's knees while crawling.

    11 Essential Child-Safety Accessories.jpg
  4. Corner Edge Cushions. These are ideal for sharp corners of table and shelves, which toddlers often bump into.

  5. Child Harness. These "baby reins" are a comfortable way to keep your child close to you when traveling in crowded areas or busy streets.

  6. Finger Pinch Guard. It prevents small fingers and hands from being pinched or crushed in doors and door hinges

    Child harness_first pinch Guard_Corner Edge Cushions.jpg
  7. Expansion Swing Gate. This handy gate prevents toddlers from accessing stairs. The plastic safety rail eliminates openings on top, and a one-hand release latch makes it convenient for adults to operate.

  8. Secure Sleep Bed Rail. Kids are notorious for rolling off beds in their sleep. This safety rail makes sure they sleep peacefully without going 'bump' in the night

  9. Fridge Lock. This gadget helps prevent children from opening refrigerators, and has a unique childproof press-lock that's designed for repeated use.

    fridge Lock_expansion gate, side rail bed.jpg
  10. Push 'n Snap Cabinet Lock. Use this to prevent kids from accessing cabinets that are within their reach. A SecurTech locking system and push-button release ensures freedom from mishaps.

  11. Spring 'N Release Latches. These locks seal off cabinets and drawers from the prying hands of curious children. They come with a spring-loaded feature that makes them more durable and long-lasting.

Pick up our handy ABC ("Always Be Careful") booklet at any Babyshop outlet or download it here as a useful reminder of how to make your child's life a little bit safer.

Are there other safety accessories you consider essential for your child? Share them with us here!