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Way to Becoming a Leader

When I first joined the Landmark Group in 1994, I was put in charge of finance at Splash, the fashion retail concept then in its infancy. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, and apart from limited experience with a small fashion brand, I was new to the field of garment retail. I found myself faced with many aspects of the business: dealing with contractors, coordinating with architects and project teams, warehouse and retail coordination, staffing, work permits and more. Learning it all practically at the same time gave me tremendous exposure.

From those early beginnings to my current position as CEO of Max, I have looked at every challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve skills. Leading a business is like climbing a mountain: the journey isn't primarily about experience, but more about faith and conviction, trusting one's instinct and staying on the path no matter what. Here are some of the truths that helped me to get to where I am today, and that will undoubtedly help many to become leaders in their field.

Communicate a clear vision
For a team to work together towards a common purpose, it's important that they see it clearly. A good leader will have a rational, realistic plan, communicate it consistently and stay committed to it. Empower your team members to take decisions and to be accountable for them - and don't forget to recognize and reward your team for a job well done.

Make bite-sized goals
It is always better to break a long path into meaningful, bite-sized goals - this keeps the team motivated, enables them to measure their performance and makes the ultimate pinnacle less daunting. With the focus on achievable short-term objectives, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily morale stays high - allowing you to set higher goals and targets.

Share the load
I recall my experience in Kuwait when we opened our store in Al Rai. With a small team of only 40 employees, we successfully opened a large 100,000 sq. ft. store. In order to ensure the team reached its objective, all of us volunteered to share the workload and take up responsibilities which were beyond our key responsibilities. I am happy that some of the key members of that team have grown in the organization today as GMs and COOs.

Strive to continually improve
I believe that besides passion and hard work, one needs conviction and clear vision to succeed and grow. Always learn and improve your skills. This will keep you engaged and driven, and you will always move ahead. Believe that you can do more and better each day than what you have achieved in the past.

Do you have any best practices for better corporate leadership? Share them with us here...