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Child Safety First: On the Road

As part of our Child Safety First campaign in cooperation with the Road Transport Authority of Dubai, Babyshop brings you this series of ABCs on how to help keep baby out of harm's way.

The road can be a tricky place for kids - and a source of genuine concern for parents. Thankfully, there are a host of things that can help make life safer for your child when you're out and about. We've compiled the best ones here.

Key safety checks on the road
crossing_road.png•Always slow down in advance at a traffic signal
•Check your speed regularly
•Always use a hands-free device if you must use a mobile phone while driving
•Use the child safety lock in cars when travelling with children
•Make sure that child seats are fitted correctly and used on every journey
•Children under the age of 11 shouldn't cycle in traffic
•Children should always wear helmets when riding bicycles
•Kids under 9 shouldn't cross roads on their own
When walking near a road, it's a good idea to:
  • Hold your child's hand - don't let them run ahead
  • Look out for and encourage your child to be aware of hidden entrances or driveways crossing the pavement. It can be hard for motorist to see small children especially when they are reversing, so take extra care.
  • Put reins on a younger child if they're not strapped in a stroller
  • Make sure your child walks on the side of the pavement away from traffic

Crossing the road
When the time comes to teach your child about crossing the road, remember:
  • Always set a good example by choosing a safe place to cross and explaining what you're doing
  • Let your child help you decide where and when it's safe to cross
  • Tell your child that it's safest to cross at a pedestrian crossing or a crossing patrol
  • Tell your child not to cross where they can't see far along the road
  • Explain that they should not try to cross a road between parked cars; drivers won't be able to see them very well and the cars might start moving
  • Use the Green Cross Code with your child: explain that you have to stop at the kerb, then look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing
  • When it's safe to cross, walk straight across the road and keep looking and listening out for traffic
  • Remind your child to concentrate - they may be easily distracted, forget what they've been taught and dash out into the road
  • Make sure that anyone else looking after your child follows the same road safety rules that you do

Pick up our handy ABC ("Always Be Careful") booklet at any Babyshop outlet or download it here as a useful reminder of how to make your child's life a little bit safer.

Are there other safety measures you use on the road with your child? Share them with us here!