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Home Centre Makeover 5: The Little Princess

Home Centre turned 15 this year, and as part of our birthday celebrations we gave away complete room makeovers worth AED 10,000 each to 15 lucky winners. In this series, we share five before-and-after experiences.

Yavnish family.jpg

A cramped, drab studio apartment is no place for a princess. Yavnish Adlakha's 3-year-old daughter is the apple of his eye, but with rising costs he's hard-pressed to give her the kind of royal treatment he'd like. The family sleeps uncomfortably each night on a small double bed in their sparse one-room flat, with no funds to create a homey atmosphere or provide a play-and-study area for a growing girl. Yavnish's touching request to Home Centre moved us into action.

This was one of the most challenging room makeovers yet: to transform a tiny, bare room into a practical, welcoming one in which the whole family could dine, lounge, sleep and relax. The daughter needed her own bed, and the new couple, theirs. Although the room was small, it was light and airy, so we decided to put that to good use.

We chose a cheery, calming pistachio green for the walls, which really helped set the mood of the makeover. A compact girly bed and study desk transformed one corner into the daughter's very own "room"; another study desk for the family PC and practical TV unit took care of clutter.

Room before (long).jpg Room after (long).jpg

Our magic wand produced bed set furniture that perfectly matched the existing wardrobes, and we threw in a comfortable sofa for the family to lounge on. Overall storage was better, all the family's needs were taken care of, and Yavnish's little princess was so thrilled she couldn't stop leaping for joy. Talk about a fairytale finish!

This wraps up Home Centre's five spotlight room makeovers, but transformations keep happening every day. Do you have a favourite Home Centre product that's changed your space? Share your story with us here!