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Child Safety First

Child Safety First with Babyshop.JPG
Anyone who's a parent - or about to become one - would agree that their child's safety is of supreme and unquestionable importance. And yet infant mortality due to traffic or household accidents in the UAE is three times the global average - even though it could be managed to a great extent with some simple precautions and a bit of knowledge.

We want the best for our children at Babyshop. To help spread awareness about child safety, we launched our seventh annual 'Child Safety First' campaign last month, an initiative which continues to be endorsed by the Road Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. We've been fortunate to share knowledge with parents, teachers and children themselves about how to create safer environments for kids at home, in the car and outdoors.

We kicked off the initiative with educational road shows across schools in the UAE, as well as with workshops at schools including the Rashid School for Boys and Latifa School for Girls in Dubai, and the Government School in Nad Al Hammar.

Many of our own employees who have toddlers, children or teens at home have learned a great deal through this campaign - which helps them be more informed guides to our customers looking for products designed with a child's safety in mind. Here at Babyshop, we're happy to be doing our part to help make every child's day a little safer.

What do you do to make your child's environment more secure? Share your tips with us here!