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Child Safety First: Around the House

As part of our Child Safety First campaign in cooperation with the Road Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA), Babyshop brings you this series of ABCs on how to help keep baby out of harm's way.

Life changes when there's a kid in the house. Everyday objects that are second nature for adults can be potential hazards for your child, and actions we might consider as common sense need to be reinforced explicitly to help keep your young one safe. 

At Babyshop, we understand the importance of safety from both the unassuming child's and the concerned parent's point of view. Here are some smart tips to help make your home a safe haven for your little one.

1. Get rid of the danger
  • Throw away leftover chemicals, expired medications, etc. to reduce the possibility of an accident.

2. Change the hazard so it's not dangerous
  • Lots of children get hurt falling from bunk beds. Put the top-level bed down on the floor so you have two safe, low beds instead.
  • Designate your child's play area a long way from the driveway or road.

3. Block access to the danger
  • Keep medicines and cleaning chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Always take the keys out of the car.

4. Change your child's habits to lower risk
  • Make sure your child wears a helmet when riding a bicycle, or wrist and knee protectors when skating.
  • Have your child wear sun-protecting clothing and sunscreen when outdoors.

5. Set examples by following rules yourself
  • Children learn from what you do. If you're careful at home, they will be, too.

6. If they're doing something you think is dangerous, stop it
  • Pick the child up instantly
  • If you're far away from them, should something simple, very loudly, like "STOP!" Don't use more words - that'll just confuse your child, and you need them to concentrate on stopping.

Key Safety Checks at Home

Pick up our handy ABC ("Always Be Careful") booklet at any Babyshop outlet or download it here as a useful reminder of how to make your child's life a little bit safer.

Are there other safety measures you use around the house for your child? Share them with us here...