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Home Centre Makeover 2: A Son's Gift

Home Centre turned 15 this year, and as part of our birthday celebrations we gave away complete room makeovers worth AED 10,000 each to 15 lucky winners. In this series, we share five before-and-after experiences.

Khaled Hezam Ali Othman.jpg

Khaled Hezam Ali Othman is a grateful son. In their family home in Corniche, Sharjah, his parents occupy a bedroom that is now 9 years old. They bought it used, so by now the furniture was in bad shape and the decor long outdated.

Khaled wrote to Home Centre with this request: "After all that our parents have done, are doing, and will continue to do for us, I think they deserve a surprise room makeover. Please help me to say 'Thank You' to them." How could we refuse?

The room was large enough, but presented several challenges: a curved wall, a cold white ceramic-tiled floor, and a limited budget within which to select an entire bedroom suite and accessories. Based on Khaled's input and an appraisal of the rest of the house, Vincent Subeldia, our Visual Merchandise Manager, decided to go with a look that was classic and elegant but not over the top.


Parents Room Before.jpg Parents Room After.jpg

To break the monochrome look, we started by painting the walls a deep rust colour. The Charleston Bedroom Set fit the furniture bill: a dark walnut king-sized bed complete with tufted headboard, two night stands, a dresser with mirror and a 6-door wardrobe. A red rug helped reduce the whiteness of the floor, and red cushions accented a bed cover in plain, dark beige with black trim (patterns would have overpowered the room). The window was dressed with a sheer inner curtain for privacy, and a silk outer one to block the light when needed. We even added a Louie Arm Chair for them to relax by the window.

Khaled's parents couldn't believe their eyes, and burst out into spontaneous applause. "This is a big surprise! Well done! It's really amazing!" Khaled, too, was bowled over: "We got everything we expected, and more!" And seeing this close-knit family so happy, so did we.

Coming soon: A splash of hope for a family hit hard by the recession