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Beat Diabetes. Get Active.

Football-League-Poster.jpgWhen it comes to health, every child deserves to be a winner. That's why, as part of the Landmark Group's ongoing commitment towards diabetes awareness, we've tied up with the Princess Haya Initiative for the Development of Health, Physical Fitness and School Sports (which works closely with the Knowledge and Human Development Association (KHDA) of Dubai) to sponsor the Dubai School Football League.

Over 32 boys' schools and 16 girls' schools (including a mix of Arabic and international schools) are part of a football tournament being held this month. Football - a sport popular across the world with people of all ages - is the perfect opportunity for us to spread awareness about diabetes among children, parents and faculty through our initiative "Beat Diabetes. Get Active."

Along with our medical partner Zulekha Hospitals we'll conduct health checks, discussions & talks in participating schools. The Channel 4 Network (89.1 FM & Al Rabia) are promoting the event on-air. Renuka Jagtiani (Vice Chairperson, Landmark Group), who spearheads our Beat Diabetes initiatives, says: "Over the past few years, we've all become far more aware of the serious health risk that childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes pose. Through our Beat Diabetes campaign, we proactively seek opportunities to support credible public health initiatives. We respect the efforts made by the Princess Haya Initiative for School Sports and are proud to partner with them for the Dubai School Football League."

In addition, the Dubai School Football League also has outreach planned for an additional 75 schools in the UAE. This includes the distribution of informative bilingual Beat Diabetes brochures amongst all schools that fall under the KHDA umbrella.

To Get Active, check out more about the Dubai Schools League. Make your child a champion in health!

What other sports would you suggest to Get Active?