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A Thousand Words

My love of photography began when I was barely five years old. We were in Matheran, a hill station near Mumbai, and my father was carrying a black metal camera in a brown leather case slung around his neck. I kept jumping up to try and touch it.

The first time I actually took charge of a camera, though, was when I was eleven, on another family trip. It was a basic "Keystone USA" model - nothing fancy, just a cuboidal body with no detachable lens - but from the first shot, I was hooked.


Photo Therapy
Photography is an intensely therapeutic experience for me. It adds to my enjoyment of travel - now I rarely see the world with bare eyes. Cameras top my list of cool gadgets (large, hooded zoom lenses remind me of The Guns of Navarone), and the clicking sound these DSLR cameras make is music to my ears.


Learning Curve
Dubai's a pretty dusty place, which is problematic for shooting distant objects and landscapes. Also, sodium lights and dim lights make it more difficult to capture natural colours and flesh tones. I avoid using a flash, especially because it gives faces a ghostly, unnatural pallor. But as with all challenges, there are always solutions and workarounds that I keep learning along the way.

Tech Specs
I use a Nikon D90. It's a tried and trusted model, and carries most features that later (and considerably more expensive) models like the Nikon D300, D700 and D3X have. In the eternal Nikon vs Canon debate, I finally chose Nikon because most reviews indicated better low-light performance and better sensor quality.


My Way
My shooting process is quite straightforward: evaluate the lighting, compose the frame, tune the settings and shoot. I review the picture for its frame and colour contrast, then readjust the settings if necessary.

Once I'm done, I don't retouch. I prefer capturing the moment with my own skills, which I'm working on improving before I consider getting into retouching and editing.


Favourite Things
My favourite photographer is Ken Rockwell. I go to Digital Photography School for tutorials and tips.


My dream is to have National Geographic magazine publish an original Jatin Mehta photograph! Favourite subjects include landscapes and cityscapes, and I've recently been experimenting with portraiture. Our six-month-old daughter gives me plenty of opportunities to practice portrait photography while spending time with my family - and who knows, maybe she'll be as fascinated by her dad's camera as I was by mine.

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shweta | Wed, 14 Mar at 14:11

The pictures are absolutely beautiful ..Especially the city life and the mountains with shaded sun light its very pleasant and calm. Looking forward for more amazing shoots..
Gr8 job :)

Amit Gupta | Fri, 18 Feb at 13:48

Indeed u've enhanced on your hobby & moving towards passion now :)
I do remember our long discussions while deciding on the camera.
u really made the best choice in this slab.
Also that u r making the right use of it " as ur pics r coming out well "

keep clicking n improvising.

Savitar Jagtiani | Tue, 8 Feb at 00:40

Great shots Jatin, especially the one of Dubai Marina.

Jyoti Parekh | Thu, 3 Feb at 20:14

Never knew this side of Jatin.He is really good. Keep it up.
I would like to see your art more and more.
You are inspiring me to learn photography

Reshma | Thu, 3 Feb at 17:40

Amazing pics Jatin!

Jayashree Mehta | Thu, 3 Feb at 17:12

Considering that you are an amateur, these pictures are indeed classy and the shots are very professionally taken. Really proud of you! Well, may be one day you become Landmarks Professional Photographer for all their photo shoots. Didn't know that I.T. box guys who are glued to their seats programming and managing programs could be so arty.

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