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'Tis the Season 2: Bright Ideas

From the cheerful to the contemplative, thoughtful lighting instantly invokes the festive spirit.
bedroom_lighting.jpgyellow wall.jpgHere are some simple pointers:

  • Liven up dark corners with Q Home Décor's stylish Designo chandeliers, metallic silver Hollywood floor lamps and dark-pink Vestavia table lamps, which give the room a mood makeover at the flip of a switch.
  • Small changes in light bulbs make a big difference - save the bright ones for shaving in the bathroom, and try soft yellow or warm white lights in the bedroom for a cosy atmosphere.
  • Use seasonal candles to create customized centrepieces: arrange pillar candles of different heights together for a traditional tabletop look, or place single tall floor candles sparsely around the house for a more minimalist display.
  • Strings of twinkly lights draped around the house are the easiest way to bring holiday cheer. Colour-coordinate them to match your Christmas tree ornaments, and loosely wrap rainbow-coloured ones around banisters and patio railings for a burst of festivity. Power-saving LEDs are a smart choice - they create dazzling displays that don't drain energy or generate much heat, making them much less of a fire hazard.

Safety First
Make your holiday a safe one for the whole family: place candles clear of obstructions and out of the reach of children; be sure to turn them off before you leave the house. Check holiday lights for frayed wires and gaps in the insulation, and don't overload electrical sockets. Loose cords can be tripped over - use masking tape to secure them without damaging the paint on your walls. 

A spot of glimmer
Strategically-placed decorative mirrors make the most of natural sunlight, adding a festive sparkle in the daytime. Lace curtains help make small spaces look bigger, keeping out glare while letting in light. And we love how our elegant silver and copper statues and metallic candle-holders lend holiday shimmer with a touch of old-world class.

What are you doing this holiday season to bring a bit of shine into your home?